How To Get Started With A Residential Solar Power System?

It is said that the energy produced by sun for twenty days is sufficient to meet the entire energy requirement of the world for one year; this is the power of solar energy.

If you are thinking of installing the right home solar power system which meets your requirement, you must read this blog post, so that you can get an idea about the system.

You are not alone there are many people who are looking for solar power which is not only cheap but is also environmental friendly. You need to look at the pointers given below which will give you more information about the solar power energy and your home.

Firstly you must decide if it is the right time to have home solar power system? Solar power is fast becoming an affordable option which people are considering to run their homes. There has been marked improvement in the techniques of using solar power; the industry has become more matured in the last one decade.

The initial cost which was very high initially has considerably dropped by almost 40 % in the last three years. Probably no other time is more suitable than this time to consider having Photovoltaic (PV) solar power in your home.

Since the initial cost has come down, you will be able to recover the cost within 8 to 12 years. Let us see whether solar power is the right choice for or your home is quite suitable for the solar power.

Before anything else, you will have to implement some changes to cut energy usage and make yourself a suitable candidate for a clean renewable solar panel system.

Have you switched to CFL bulbs? Have you switched to energy star appliances? Are you the one who are using smart power strips to switch off the power when not in use? These are the things you should look into at your home before implementing a residential solar energy system.

Do you have a proper insulation in the doors and windows? If you have not done it and you are not sure how to do it, seek the help of a professional. They will do energy audit of your home and suggest the ways to save the energy. This will help you to save energy thus reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Now have a look at the roof of the house, your roof must be ideal for a home solar power system. You must ensure that your roof is facing south without any obstruction. Such situation is ideal to setup the PV panels to catch the energy from the sun.

But in case your roof is on east-west but is fully exposed to sun or you may use the option of ground mounting system, it has to be free from obstruction. You have to ensure your solar power system is free from shade all the time; shade will reduce the effectiveness of the system.

When you are ready, calculate the cost of installing the solar panels and other equipment, the cost will depend upon the type of solar panels you choose. You must see if there is any subsidy or rebates available, as most of the governments encourage installing solar power and give incentives.

You can also find a company who will fix the panels free of cost. You have many options, do a proper research and enjoy the cheap solar power.

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