"Are You Looking For Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Batteries? Stop Letting The Battery Companies Grab Your Hard Earned Money When You Can Recondition Old Batteries And Bring Them Back To Service Life"

My PictureDo you spent a lot of money yearly on rechargeable batteries? If you are, there is a way for you to reduce your battery expenses. You can recondition dead batteries and bring them back to life! On this page, we'll recommend to you 2 battery reconditioning guides which are EZ Battery Reconditioning and Reconditioning Battery. Are the manuals any good? Do they delivery? Check out our reviews of the guides below and then make your decision.

Product Rating: rating (5 Stars)
Product Rating: rating (4.5 Stars)
Product Rating: rating (5 Stars)

#1 EZ Battery Reconditioning
(Our #1 Recommendation)
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Include video instructions
  • Explained where to find cheap batteries
  • Offer full online support
Product Review:

EZ Battery Reconditioning is by far the easiest to follow battery reconditioning guide we came across. What do you get from the manual? The guide includes a complete DIY instructions on how to revive dead batteries. The material are presented in pdf format and also videos.

When you read EZ Battery Reconditioning, you will notice that it was written for novice. In is written in simple English without technical jargon.

The manual also comes with many easy to follow diagrams and to make the instruction easier, you will also receive a collection of step-by-step videos.

Product Guarantee: Since EZ Battery Reconditioning is offered under Clickbank, you are covered by their unconditional 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy.

If you do not see any value in the manual, you are entitle for a full refund within 60 Days from the purchase date. This is great because it removes any risk from the buyer.

Latest Update: There is now a promotion running on the site. The EZ Battery Reconditioning manual is temporarily available for $49.97 instead of the usual $89.95 - as such, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later. 

The Verdict: The instructions are trial and tested techniques to bring any dead rechargeable batteries back to life.

With the simple English, diagrams and videos, the manual works even for complete novices. If you are looking for a guide to recondition used battetries, this is our top pick.

"The Best Battery Reconditioning Guide Since 2013..."

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Product Rating: rating (5 Stars)
Product Rating: rating (4.5 Stars)
Product Rating: rating (4.5 Stars)

#2 Reconditioning Battery
  • Detailed information
  • Pictures, diagrams and schematics included
  • Suggestion on where to find used batteries
  • Offer full online support
Product Review:

The second alternative power for reviving batteries is the Reconditioning Battery guide. Generally, the program uses the same concept as EZ Battery Reconditioning. The e-book was written to help you to drastically reduce the cost of using rechargeable batteries.

The author did an excellent job on the manual describing the background concepts of rechargeable batteries without bogging down the reader with unnecessary electrical or other technical theories. Everything included in the manual seems to exist only to make the reconditioning process a little easier.

Product Guarantee: Since Reconditioning Battery is offered under Clickbank also, the 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy applies as well.

This definitely gives any potential buyer an ease of mind. If you do not think the e-book is helpful, just ask for your money back. There is no question ask.

Bonus Material: There is also a bonus package included. Any purchase of the manual comes with additional bonus e-books worth $196.96! The bonus e-books cover topic such as parts suppliers and advance power saving technologies.

The Verdict: Since the program is also offered at $49.97, it serves as a good alternative to the EZ Battery Reconditioning manual.

All in all, its a great home green energy package which means you can be enjoying saving money on batteries.

Why do we put Reconditioning Battery as the runner up? Both the program have very similar content with similar quality as well. The only different is track record. EZ Battery Reconditioning has been around much longer. Nonetheless, both are great DIY battery revival guides.

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