How Much Does A Home Solar Power System Cost?

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Small “hobby” system = $120

Medium size systems = $1280

Large production system = $8500

How to buy 1000 Ah used deep cycle batteries for dirt cheap?

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The First Step In Using Solar Power For Homes

Is using solar power for homes really a practical solution to cut our home electricity bill?

To be totally dependent on renewable energy to power our home may not be a far fetch idea.

Many people have done it throughout the world.

One thing is for sure.

These people will count every watt of energy their home consume.

The first step in using solar power for homes is to make a full power audit.

We have to find out how much power all of our home appliances are using.

This can easily be done by looking at the technical specification of the equipment.

The specs will show the wattage consumption of the equipment when it is running or on standby mode.

Why do we need these numbers?

It is an important guideline for us to decided whether to keep it or discard it.

For example, if the water heater is consuming lots of power and is not very efficient, we can choose to replace it with a newer and more efficient unit.

We have to make our scarify because living off the power grid is not a cheap endeavor.

You will be surprised how much power you’ll save just by replacing old and inefficient appliances with new ones.

To use solar power for homes, we have to really keep track of our household power usage.

We should start by understanding how a complete solar power system works.

The information can easily be obtained from numerous home solar power guides on the web. The next step is to start identifying the power leakage before your start building the solar arrays.

How to save cost on home solar system power bank?

One of the biggest investment in a residential solar power system is the battery bank. Generally, a power bank will consist of deep cycle batteries link in parallel.

Most deep cycle batteries are quite expensive.

To save cost, it is best you course for used dead deep cycle battery and then reconditioning them into good service state.

Checking Battery

Checking old battery voltage output and amperage

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