Hiring Professional Home Energy Auditors – Is It Worth The Money?

In my last blog post, I wrote about the benefits of doing a home energy audit before investing large amount of money on a home solar power system. I wrote about 2 ways of getting the energy audit done, either by hiring a professional home energy auditor or doing the auditing yourself.

If you were to get the service of a professional auditor, where do you find them?

One way to find them is to call your local power company and ask them if they provide home power auditing service. Most probably they will do the auditing for you for a small fee.

Another way of performing the energy audit is via a mail-in type. In this approach, you basically have to prepare all the information needed to complete the analysis. Personally, I think this is a silly approach because by the time you’ve finished compiling all the data, you’ve pretty much done the energy audit yourself.

If you’ve hired a professional power auditor, most probably he will impress you with cool stuff and gadgets. One of their standard tools is an infrared device used to measure the temperature of your interior surfaces and also to pinpoint any air leakages.

One area that you must get him to inspect is the furnace because large amount of energy are used on this area. Any improvement done here will reduce your monthly electricity consumption quite substantially.

The fact is, the biggest energy inefficiency in your house can easily be detected. Most houses have very obvious areas where energy is being wasted. For example, there may be a big gaping hole where air is escaping through the attic or a heater which is more than 20 years old.

So, is it worth hiring a professional energy auditor for your home? Well, if you have a big home and you don’t wish to survey every inch of your house, by all means, pay someone else to do it.

If you have an average size house and you have the time to survey your house and look into every corner closely, you might as well do the auditing yourself. In actual fact, the process is not that difficult.

DIY Home Energy Audit Guide

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