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Hi there, thank you for visiting DIY Solar Homes blog.

This blog was created as an information site for the subject of DIY Solar Homes. My name is Will and I am from the sunny city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If you have never been to Kuala Lumpur or KL, it is a great place to visit. Sunny all year round…

It is understood that most people that visit this blog has some interest on the idea of using renewable energy such as solar to power their homes.

When gasoline prices reached its peak at almost US150 per barrel back in mid 2008, many people including myself felt its effect on rising energy cost. Stopping by the gas station was a painful ordeal.

Luckily gas prices have lowered to a acceptable level. But how long would this last?

I realized our utility companies use oil to generate most of the electricity. If oil prices were to increase again, I am sure our home electric bill will increase as well.

As a matter of fact, it has already went up from the last oil fiasco.

How can we shield ourselves from this phenomenon?

That is one of the reason I started to explore on renewable energy such as solar. Since Malaysia has ample sun coverage, it seems like a good idea to go on that path.

I will be sharing my findings on this blog.

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You can also drop me an email to will.northboubd [at] gmail.com.

I promise I will get to it ASAP.