How To Make Do It Yourself (DIY) Solar Panels

Last week, I did a blog post on where to find cheap solar cells on the internet. There are a lot of inexpensive PV cells available on eBay. You should check it out.

Now, assuming you’ve gotten your hands on the solar cells, what’s next?

Individual solar cell would not be able to generate sufficient power for your home use. You have to connect them in series to produce sufficient power on a solar array.

How do you connect all the PV cells together? This is where you have to acquire some soldering skill.

Soldering is really not that difficult. All you need is the right set of tools and good hand, fingers and eye coordination. Easier said than done…honestly it is not that difficult.

Here’s what you need to solder all the solar cells together:
1) Soldering iron
2) Silver solder
3) 2mm think tabbing ribbon
4) Solder Flux Paste / Pen

Step one, set your solder iron temperature controller to around 450 degrees. This is a pretty low setting but it is sufficient so you won’t burn the silver solder. The video below shows you all the tools you need for PV cells soldering.

Next step is thinning the tab wire. Melt a littler silver solder with the hot solder iron and place the liquid solder on the tab wire. Be careful, it’s hot!

You are basically sliding the solder across the tab wire and it should flow very smoothly. Thin the tab wire one side and then the back of the opposite side. Watch the video below and you’ll understand.

Now, place a solar cell on its back. Again, you have to be careful because PV cells are very fragile. Begin by cleaning the contacts with the flux pen.

A flux pen gives off a special acid that will dissolve any dirt on the contacts. It’s a very handy tool. Make sure you get one.

Next, take the tabbing ribbon and align with the solar cell contacts. Use some lead and solder it on with the iron solder. This is a tricky process but it gets easier after some practice.

Do it for the whole length of the solar cells. Now this is the tedious part, repeat the above process for ALL the solar cells. When it is done, you can start to connect the solar cells together in series.

Making your own DIY solar panels is not really difficult. It is a lot of work but it can be done. If you are planning to make your own home solar power system, check out the Green DIY Energy web site.

I learned where to find cheap solar cells and soldering process from the Green DIY Energy. For a comprehensive review of Green DIY Energy, go to

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