Magniwork Review – Is Magniwork Generator System A Scam?

Magniwork Magnetic Energy Generator

Here’s an interesting information product that I found recently that may be related to renewable energy for homes. It is an e-book called Magniwork. The main web site can be found at

When I first read the information on the page, I was pretty intrigued. The introduction videos are pretty interesting also. It talks about generating electricity by using a magnetic generator.

An Insightful Magniwork Review

The magnetic energy system is very different from either solar power or wind turbine. The technology uses the “attraction and repelling” forces of magnets, which is one of the most abundant, simple and powerful energy source to generate electricity.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought. But nonetheless, I bought the book just to find out what’s in store.

After reading the e-book, I decided to write this Magniwork review to share what I’ve learned from the manual.

Building Your Own Magniwork Generator

The e-book is basically an instructional manual showing you how to make your own magnet driven electric generator. The technology is not perfect, nonetheless, many Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts are giving it a try.

The idea is to suspend a circular plate made out of wood or plastic at its center with a core supported on bearings. Next, magnets bars with positive poles are placed at the circumference of the plate.

Then, more positive pole magnet bars are place outside the plate. The magnet bars will come into close contact with each other but do not touch.

We learned from high school science classes, when 2 magnets with similar poles come close, they will repel each other. This is the same principle used to spin the plate.

When everything is done right, the circular plate with magnets will spin freely and gain momentum because of the repelling forces. Now is the time to harness the rotating energy.

By following the Magniwork manual, it will show you how to connect a belt from the central core to an electric generator. The centrifugal force will spin the generator hence creating electric current.

To make use of the current created, the electric dynamo is to be be connected to a charge controller. The function of the charge controller is to make use of the current to charge a battery bank.

How Much Power Can It Produce?

According to the author, the magnetic generator is capable of producing 3.7 volts and 7 ampere of Direct Current (DC). The amount of energy produced is equivalent to 24 watts.

That is a small amount of power and it will take a very long time to charge a standard 12 volt battery.

When you’ve understand the principle of how a magnetic generator works, the next step is to scale it up by building more magnet driven devices and connect them in series.

Again, take special care during the construction and make sure all the magnets are perfectly balanced. The Magniwork generator is “not” a perpetual motion device. When the weight is not balanced, it will create unnecessary drag and prevent the circular plate to spin freely.

Magniwork Product Guarantees

Since the Magniwork e-book is offered by Clickbank, as usual, all buyers are covered by the standard 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy.

If you don’t see any valuable information in the manual, feel free to contact Clickbank and ask for a full refund. Make sure you get it done within 60 days from the purchase date.

My Magniwork Review Conclusion

The manual is pretty interesting to read. There’s a lot a new and unique information that I gathered from Magniwork. The magnetic generator is a simple concept but involves precision engineering. If it is not built according to specification, it may not work properly.

If you are planning to use magnetism to generate power to reduce your home electricity consumption, it is best you begin by making your house more energy efficient.

The bulk of the e-book, about 80 percent talks about simple ways you can do to reduce your home energy consumption which I find very informative.

For example, have better home insulation, check for air leaks, don’t leave the stove on etc.

So what’s my conclusion? Is the Magniwork guide worth your investment?

Personally, I think it is a good buy especially if you like to make stuff in your garage. Then again, everyone is free to have their own opinion. If you want to check out the Magniwork manual, click on the link below.

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