DIY Power System Review – Is This Another DIY Energy Scam?

Energy Saving With DIY Power System

Recently there has been a lot of interest on renewable energy system for homes. I guess home owners are thinking about the environment issues. Or it may be because of the rise in energy cost which is burning a hole in their pocket. Whatever the reason, it is a good thing.

If you are interested in a DIY power system, then solar power is your best bet right now. Solar offers the most consistent, reliable form of alternative energy and the systems available are easy enough for a skilled homeowner to do on their own. It just takes a full set of tools and a bit of dedication to the project.

I recently found a web site that offers a step by step manual that will teach you how to build your own DIY solar energy system. It is DIY Power System and they can be found at

Building Your Own Renewable Energy System

You is not that difficult to build the entire power system yourself, starting with the actual solar panels. One thing that makes the project accessible is that you can start with just a single panel and add on later.

If you design the system with expansion in mind, you will be able to add panels as you build them while you are already taking advantage of the benefits of the power generated by the first panels.

When looking for plans or guides, you want to make sure you are getting something with very specific information right down to each individual connection. Lots of systems come with very general directions and ideas instead of specifics. There are great for the planning phases of your project, but will not help you when you get down to the actual construction and assembly of your system.

So far, after reading the DIY Power System guide, the information is pretty concise. The language is quite easy to understand without many technical jargon. The pictures and diagrams are also a plus.

Picking The Right Renewable Energy Guide

A good renewable energy guide for home should have explanations of how solar power works and how all the different parts of the system interconnect. If you understand the big picture you will understand the importance of the details. The system should also explain details about each individual component.

It is very helpful to have a list of sources for some of the components that can not be picked up at Lowes or the Home Depot. A good guide should pay for itself in the savings it helps you get by suggesting the best places to find quality parts at the best deals. Luckily, DIY Power System fits this bill perfectly.

Once you have assembled all the components necessary for your build, then you need very specific directions on how it all goes together. Getting it right is critical for the safety and efficiency of your system. You can do this yourself, but it helps to have the experience and advice of those who have gone before. Why make all the mistakes yourself when someone who has done it can show you the ropes.

Home Energy Storage System

When you are building a renewable energy system, remember that with solar power, at some points at during the day, like high noon, you will be generating more power than you can use. Other times, like the middle of the night or when it is overcast or raining, you will not be able to generate any at all. It is a critical part of your system that you be able to store the excess energy created at peak hours to use at off hours. Make sure this is factored into your system.

If you are off the grid, you are going to need a battery bank and an inverter to be able to store electricity for later. If you are still attached to the rid, then the easiest solution is to sell electricity to the grid when you have too much and buy it back when you need it. Depending on where you live and the size of your system this may reduce your monthly bill or eliminate it all together.

The Product Guarantees

One thing that is unique about information product on the web is the product guarantee. Since the DIY Power System guide is offered under Clickbank, every purchase is covered under their 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy. If you are not happy with your purchase, there is a cooling off period of 60 days from the date of your purchase. This policy in effect removes all the risk from the buyer. The author of the product has to make sure it is of high quality, if not he will see a lot of people asking for refund.

DIY Power System Review Conclusion

After going through the manual, I believe DIY Power System is capable of standing on its own. The amount of quality information is on par with most of the top home renewable energy guide on the market. If you are thinking of ways to reduce your home energy consumption, give DIY Power System a shot.

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