Should You Get The Extended Warranties On Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

The present day solar panels are sure to last long, even some carry a warranty of 25 years for major parts. Before you think of buying solar panels, you must thoroughly understand the warrant and its terms and conditions, this will ensure that your equipment last for a longer period without giving any troubles.

It does not make sense that once you install the equipment and it does not function properly and you will have no options except remorse. Warranties are good both for buyer and the manufacturer, there are certain equipment which are excluded by the manufacturer and are not covered by any warranty, Different parts may have different warranties, for example parts and labor will carry a shorter warranty as compared to batteries and converters.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels which are branded have different warranties as compared to non brand units; this is due to quality control as the branded units have much better control in their production level. The brand manufacturers offer longer warranty which ensures long term protection especially against panel degradation and also functions.

You are to expect extended level of warranty coverage because the PV panels have no moving parts and have non corrosive frames which are made up of protective glass. Normally the parts covered under warranty outlive the warranty period. However you must see the price factor of such warranty because very often such warranties add to the total cost of your home solar project.

When you are buying a home solar kit, it should have complete coverage on panel removal, repair, shipping costs and reinstalling of any component. Another point to check is the credibility of the manufacturer or the contractor to fulfill the warranty obligations.

If the contractor is involved, there should be a clause in the warranty that protects the buyer in case contractor went into bankruptcy. This clause is very important as it would be very difficult to get the reimbursement later on. It is always a good idea if the warranty is purchased along with product, you should also remember that solar panels are not protected against vandalism, natural disasters or any other incident which is not in the control of the manufacturer or the contractor.

To ensure protection in such cases, it needs the property insurance company to be informed about such installation in your home. Even though the life of panels is very long, that does not mean that the product should be bought without any warranty.

Though the initial installation costs are very high, but the saving over the years will give you the desired benefits. If you think you would be saving money by not getting the warranty coverage on the solar panels, think again because you won’t know what will happen in the future. The panels may be faulty due to unknown causes.

A home solar power system is a great investment as the energy you get is free. To make sure you get the best deal, do a proper research in the market by visiting many shops before deciding which kit to buy.

Be wise in spending money on the solar panel installation, compare the warranties offered by the manufacturer or the contractor because it will be in your own interest to have a proper home work done. Such steps will save you from future troubles and you will be able to have free energy for a very long time.