Plug In Solar Kit – Solar Power For Homes Made Easy

If you were to take your home electricity bills from last year and compare them to your current bills, you will notice a significant difference. Your home energy expenses are higher this year.

Why is it so?

One of the main reasons is the rising energy cost. The world experienced an energy crisis back in 2008 when crude oil prices reached a height of $150 per barrel. That in effect has caused the utility companies to raise their energy rates.

Will the energy rates be raised again? There is no doubt it will happen, it’s only a matter of time.

In order to dampen the impact of high energy cost, the best way is to reduce your home power consumption. Many home owners are turning to renewable energy source such as solar to achieve that goal.

The fastest way to start using the sun energy at home is with a plug in solar kit. Basically, the kit comes with everything you’ll need to setup a residential solar power system.

When you are sourcing for a solar kit, here’s what you’ll have to look for.

1) Solar panel – The function of the solar panel is to collect the energy from the sun and converts it into Direct Current (DC). This is done through small Photovoltaic (PV) cell in the panel.

2) Charge controller – Solar energy is stored in battery bank made of deep cycle batteries or marine batteries. You can’t connect the solar panel directly to the batteries. It has to go through a charge controller.

The function of the charge controller is to take the power generated by the solar panel, regulate it and use it to charge the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the controller will disperse the excess power through a heat element.

3) Power inverter – The power stored in the battery bank is in the form of Direct Current (DC). Since most of our home appliances run on Alternate Current (AC), we’ll need a device to change the DC to AC. That is the function of the power inverter.

Now, all you have to do is tap the AC from the inverter with an ordinary extension power socket and use it to power your electrical appliances.

Plug In Solar Kit At

If you are looking for a plug in solar kit for your home, check out the Sunforce 39126 unit. The kit comes with two 123 Watt polycrystalline solar panels, a 200 Watt power inverter, a 30 Amp digital charge controller, a voltage tester, and a wiring kit with mounting accessories.

All you need to do is purchase a few units of deep cycle batteries, install the solar panel, hook up all the units and you can start enjoying free energy from the sun.

Sunforce 39126 comes with a 25 years guarantee on the solar panels and you can get it with free shipping from