Brian Clark DIY Solar Power Guide – High Definition Instructional Videos

The first time I heard of the name Brian Clark is when I watched the DIY solar panel instructional videos from Green DIY Energy. That was about a year ago.

During that time, the power utility company just raised the power rates and I was paying a large sum of money for electricity at home.

I wanted to learn how I can use solar energy to supplement the power needs at home. Hence, that has lead me to purchasing the Green DIY Energy manual.

Sample Video #1

Sample Video #2

There were 6 high definition (HD) videos on homemade solar panel that come with the program. Brain was the host and he gave a very clear and concise instruction in the videos.

I did a further research on Brian Clark and found some interesting information. Brian and the GreenDIYEnergy team have been going around impoverish communities and teaching them how to make residential solar panel.

He has conducted solar workshop teaching people new skill on build solar array so they can make a living from it.

In the year 2009, Brian and his team have been to Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico, PineRidge, Indian Reservation South Dakota and Uganda, Africa where they conducted the solar workshops.

Through the web site, Brian Clark is sharing his specialized knowledge on solar power and teaching people how to generate electricity from the sun. In some rural communities, they have no access to electricity and their only option is solar power.

If you would like to give a donation, you can do so at the web site. Here’s some great news. Every dollar you donate, Green DIY Energy will match your donation up to $1000.

For more information about them, check out the Green DIY Energy review on this blog. You can also get access to Brian Clark’s step by step DIY solar panel videos.

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