Brunton Solaris 52 Review – Foldable Solar Panel From Brunton

The last Brunton product review I wrote was for its Solaris 26 foldable solar array. Since then I have been thinking if there is a bigger model.

As it turns out, the company does manufacture the “Big Mommy” of foldable solar panel, the Brunton Solaris 52!

When I look at the specification for the Solaris 52, I thought to myself, who would want this product?

It is basically very similar to the Solaris 26 model, but the key difference is the power out. The Solaris 26 is capable of generating 26 watts on a clear blue sky where else Solaris 52 can kick out 52 watts! That is more than twice the power output.

I guess those that want this product are people always on the move, carry a lot of electronic gadgets with them and want to recharge their batteries very fast. That is the ideal customer for the Brunton Solaris 52.

Being made from Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide, the solar film will create electric current even in a very low light condition.

In terms of size, it is 54 x 32 inches, almost the size of a regular sleeping bag. It weighs 3 pounds and 6 ounces. It is still relatively light to carry around.

For people on the go, Solaris 52 will be able to charge pretty much any mobile devices such as laptop, PDA, Iphone, digital camera, etc. It is made to withstand harsh weather condition so there is no worries bring it to the outdoors with you.

With its high power output capacity, you can use the Solaris 52 to even charge your car battery. All you need to do is use the battery clamp cable that comes with the unit and spread it on the roof of your vehicle. The solar film will convert the energy from the sun and trickle charge your car lead acid battery.

As usual, the Solaris 52 comes with a standard 1 year warranty from Brunton. For those who are keen, you can get it from for $649.19 inclusive of shipping. To buy Brunton Solaris 52, click here.

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