Power4Home Rapidshare – Is There Such a Thing?

A few days ago, a friend told me we can download almost anything from a service call Rapidshare.

Rapidshare is a file hosting service which allows anyone to host files such as documents up into their servers. It can also handle large files such as MP3s and even an entire movie. Since they are using dedicated servers, the download speed is incredibly fast.

As usual, I was surfing the net for information related to DIY home solar energy, and I saw a forum post asking whether they can download John Russel’s Power4Home from Rapidshare. Yup, there are people who want the e-book but are not willing to pay for it.

That got me thinking, do people upload Power4Home manual and its entire High Definition (HD) instructional videos into Rapidshare?

I wanted to know the answer and decided to do some research. I did a quick Google on “Power4Home Rapidshare” and behold, there are a few web pages showing the search result.

I clicked on the web page which has the most relevant result and then it lead me to another page supposedly with the Power4Home pdf files.

I noticed something very strange though. The links listed Power4Home pdfs but the file sizes are really huge!

I have a copy of John Russel’s guide and it is nowhere near that size. The most it is only a few megabytes. The links listed show file sizes ranging from 559 MB up to 903 MB! That’s a bit weird…

If I were you, I’ll proceed with caution. Whatever you’ve downloaded from the site may not be legit, worst still, there may be virus programs hidden in the files. You might end up damaging your computer or loose your personal information to hackers.

Power4Home Review Copy

If you want to get a review copy of Power4Home, there is actually an easier and safer way. For your information, the guide is sold through Clickbank.

Clickbank is the largest portal on the web that sells information product and software. Every item that sold through Clickbank is automatically covered by their 60 days money back guarantee policy.

Meaning, you have 2 months to review all the information in the Power 4 Home package. If you do not see any value, you can always ask for a full refund from Clickbank. It is a simple procedure and there is no question asked.

John Russel’s e-book costs only $49.97. It is a small investment to give you a peace of mind without having to worry about your computer getting infected with viruses or malwares.

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