Power4 Home Scam – Is The E-Book Power 4 Home A Fraud?

Is Power 4 Home A Scammer?

I wanted to write this blog post because there has been a lot of discussion about Power 4 Home e-book being a scam.

Firstly, I wouldn’t want to say whether anyone is right or wrong on this matter. Everyone has the right to their personal opinion.

What do I think about Power4 Home? Do I think it’s a scam? The truth is, I am pretty neutral on this subject.

I think the main difference here is the “expectation” of the buyer. Can you really make a solar power or wind generator system for less than $200 as proclaimed in Power 4 Home? It is difficult but not impossible.

Most of the parts such as the solar cells, charge controller, deep cycle batteries, power converter, cables etc are pretty expensive. It will cost a lot of money if you were to buy them from a hardware store.

Do you know you can get them for free or at a fraction of the cost? There are a lot of used of recycle parts that you can find if you are willing to do the work.

Are you willing to spend 2 weeks sourcing for used solar cells, test them, connect all of them together to make your home solar array? Some people are not willing to do that. It takes too much time and effort.

Are you willing to go to a golf course, talk to the electric golf cart maintenance technician and strike a deal with him so he’ll trade you the old deep cycle batteries? Some people choose not to do that.

All this are steps that you have to take in order to minimize your DIY renewable energy project cost. John Russel, the author of Power 4 Home did mentioned you can setup a solar panel for less than $200, as long as you follow his suggestion and willing to do the work.

Power4 Home E-book Guarantee

I also read a discussion on the web where a person claims that Power4 Home is a scam because he is unable to get a refund. Honestly, I find this hard to believe.

Power 4 Home is offered under Clickbank and they have a no question ask 60 days Money Back Guarantee policy for all of their information products.

I believe those that purchased the Power4 Home guide and unable to get their refund is because they went to the wrong web site. If they were to contact Power4Home web site to get the refund, they won’t be able to because that is not the right place for it.

To get the refund, they should visit Clickbank Customer Support page. All they need is the Clickbank Order Number to verify their purchase. However, the refund request has to be done within 60 day from the initial purchase date.

What Is Your Expectation?

Before I end this post, I want to reiterate that the issue of labeling Power 4 Home as a scam boils down to our “expectation”. Some people think they can cut their home power consumption by half just by purchasing a $49.97 e-book. I doubt that is going to happen.

Most of us would not have the skill, tools or knowledge to make a functional solar power or wind energy system for our home. It is a better idea to engage a professional contractor.

As a home owner, we should be prudent. We should at least get some basic information on the science of a home solar power system. At least with this knowledge, you will know when you are being charge of unnecessary parts or work done by the contractor.

If you have that kind of requirement or expectation, then the Power 4 Home e-book would be a good fit for you.

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