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Homemade Solar Air Heater – Understanding How It Works

To maximize the conservation of energy, we must start using alternate source of power like solar energy which is available in abundance and can be used round the year. By the use of solar energy, we will help to stall global warming and at the same time conserve the natural resources which we have been using for decades.

We can use solar power to warm our homes as per our needs and develop our own cheap DIY solar powered air conditioning heater. This is one way of using clean and renewable energy to make our homes weather proof so that we can live comfortably in our homes in extreme winter conditions.

The basic principle of making a solar air heater lies in the movement of air, metal and colors, there are pipes or tubes coated with black paint which are the main components of solar air heaters, the purpose of black paint is that black absorbs heat rapidly, some people may use aluminum because it has high thermal conductivity.

The position of solar heaters is always vertical, and the main portion of the air heater is exposed to sunlight, it would be proper if the entire body is exposed to sun rays. Air enters into the bottom of the tank and passes through the black coated pipes, in this process the heat of the pipes is transferred to the transient air known as convection.

As per the law the hot air moves to the cool area, the pipes which are hotter objects gives off its heat into cooler body thus moving the air. This is basic theory of the science that states that one of the properties of air is that the cooler air moves down and the hot air moves up. This perhaps is the main reason why solar air heaters are made vertically than horizontally.

This is the reason that hot air while moving up enters the vent or tubes which are connected to room or entire house and gives the desired warmth and thus you will feel comfortable during cold winter days.

There is no need of compressors or pumps for such a movement. Everything is being done as per the law of the science by moving hot air upwards without using any additional equipment.

The entire process depends upon the length of pipes and tubes, the more length you have for the pipes and tubes, air will go up and increase the temperature and you will get the desired results. Some people suggest designs such as loops or snake like piping, this makes the movement of air slow and more heat transfer takes place.

But using such designs may result in poor insulation, as the length of the pipes will determine the initial heat acquired by the air.

With this technology you can warm your home without using electricity, coal or any other energy source. This will be a huge contribution to the environment. This winter, build your own solar air heater with these tips and enjoy the winter in cozy warm homes.

DIY Solar Air Heater Guide

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