How The Government Can Encourage The Usage of Solar Technology

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How The Government Can Encourage The Usage of Solar Technology

Around 120 years back, the first ever solar Photovoltaic (PV) cell was built using selenium and gold, but unfortunately the efficiency of such a cell was just 1%. With the introduction of photovoltaic panels, the energy production has increased substantially and can suffice the entire household.

These days such panel can generate enough power not only using energy from the Sun but also by using wind energy on those days when Sun energy is not available. With the vast improvement in the technology of both solar panels and solar thermal field, consumers have a choice to decide about which system to purchase.

There is an option of flat plate collectors, these devices can turn heat radiated by the Sun into hot water, one can also use evacuated tube collectors which have same function to perform, the manufacturing technique is different using several cylindrical collectors, which sit in parallel and collect more solar energy as the cylinders are capable of capturing sun energy from many angles.

The main function of photovoltaic panels is to save electrical energy by converting sunlight into electricity, we have now many such solar panels which can have multiple functions. The A-frames has brought new innovations and are specially designed for flat roof tops, this makes positioning easy and can be placed at the right angles to get maximum advantage from the solar panels.

New racking options have made installation easier and cheaper, though all the panels need regular maintenance but cost differs depending upon the type of solar panels. If you want to install hot water solar system, it comes with a warranty of ten years and does not require much maintenance, the annual inspection is recommended with the advice of MCS approved installer on regular intervals.

Solar photovoltaic panels if cleaned regularly last long and requires minimum maintenance, the care should be taken that the shades from the adjoining trees does not hamper sunlight. Such checks should be conducted with the help of MSC technician.

Stand alone system which means that these are not connected to grid system require maintenance on all the parts including the batteries. To encourage the use of solar energy the Governments are now trying to supply businesses, communities and home owners with more incentives, this will ensure the improvement of personal carbon footprint.

You can be rewarded for generating your own sustainable energy; this comes under the feed-in-tariffs. This scheme will pay you for every unit of electricity generated by using MCS approved renewable technologies like solar PV, irrespective of the fact that the energy is used in home or exported back to the grid.

Government as an incentive has started providing financial aid to the individuals, communities and businesses, which is termed as Renewable Heat incentives for using other fuels than fossil fuels for heating etc. if you adopt this scheme, you will have to switch from fossil fuel to other energies for heating like gas, oil and coal. This scheme allows you to get paid a set amount as incentives annually for adopting the eco-friendly schemes.

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