How to Use Solar Air Heater to Reduce Your Home Electricity Cost

If you were to do a complete home energy audit, most probably you will find the electrical devices which consumed the most electricity is your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. If you were to find a way to make your HVAC more efficient, the money you saved will be quite substantial.

Are there any ways to use solar power for your HVAC? Since the air-conditioning unit uses quite a lot of power, there are not many solar powered equipment which can replace it.

There is one device that I found which can create warm air in your home by using solar energy, the device call Solarventi solar air heater. The Solarventi was invented in Denmark as a device mainly to circulate warm air in homes.

The Solarventi is 100 percent solar powered therefore it is essentially free to run once it is installed on your home. Since 2001, more than 20,000 units of Solarventi have been sold in the European region. Pretty impressive record!

Solarventi is built as a maintenance free device. It uses solar energy to warm the fresh air in the solar collector. The warm air is then ducted into your home via a ducting fan powered by a small Photovoltaic (PV) panel.

So how can the Solarventi solar air heater help you to reduce your home energy consumption?

Let’s take your home laundry as an example. Do you use a tumbler dryer? Since it has a heating element, the dryer can consume quite a large amount of electricity.

When it is raining outside or during winter time, you do not have much choices to dry your clothes other than using the tumbler dryer. Here’s how the Solarventi solar air heater can help.

Take a small room in your home and make it into a clothes drying area. Have it completely sealed off.

Use the Solarventi solar air heater to generate warm air and vent it into the room using a solar powered air ventilator. If possible, have the vent output at the floor level because hot air will rise up.

Now, you have a room which has circulating warm air which you can use to dry all of your laundry and yet you are not consuming any electricity because all the devices from the solar air heater to the vent fan is powered by solar energy.

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