Electrify Your Home With Solar Shingles

Efforts into finding new ways to tap solar energy have led to the development of solar shingles which are capable of producing energy required by a home. From the name itself, it becomes apparent that solar shingles are specially designed solar panels which look and function like ordinary asphalt shingles. Electricity produced by solar shingles [...]

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Should You Install Solar Shingles On Your Roof?

Solar energy is among the best alternatives to replace conventional power generated by power plants employing fossil-fuel. This is because solar power is a renewable form of energy, does not cause pollution by emitting dangerous greenhouse gases that are considered responsible for global warming and climate change and is also much cheaper than conventional electricity. [...]

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How Solar Shingles Are Replacing Solar Panels

You may have heard a lot about solar panels and solar energy but you may not have heard about solar shingles yet. Solar panels are now being replaced by solar shingles mainly due to their beautiful appearance and power production capability. Solar shingles are a blessing for those who want to be self reliant on [...]

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