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Should You Install Solar Shingles On Your Roof?

Solar energy is among the best alternatives to replace conventional power generated by power plants employing fossil-fuel. This is because solar power is a renewable form of energy, does not cause pollution by emitting dangerous greenhouse gases that are considered responsible for global warming and climate change and is also much cheaper than conventional electricity. [...]

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DIY Home Solar System Or Let The Professionals Do It?

Solar panels constructed specifically for homes are ideal to convert sunlight and heat from the sun into pollution-free, renewable form of solar energy. Those weighing the option of installing a solar power system at their homes can either avail the services of a professional installation company or take it up as a do-it-yourself (DIY) job. [...]

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First Step To Getting Your Home Off The Power Grid

Solar energy technology is an old concept and was developed years ago, it has capability to meet all your energy needs without being dependent on the grid for your power needs. You may be wondering how can you enjoy watching big screen television, using multiple refrigerators or even enjoy cool breeze of air conditioners in [...]

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