GreenDIYenergy Manual Review – Solar & Wind Energy For Homes

Renewable Energy Information Product On The Internet

Couple of week ago, I did a write up on Green DIY Energy review. Today, I have been relooking into the Green DIY Energy manual from again. There is some very interesting figures that I found. This renewable energy guide has been getting a lot of attention and it is selling like hot cakes on the internet.

I have a software call Affiliate Elite that can be programed to track all the information product from Clickbank. If you are new to the realm of web marketing, Clickbank is the largest portal on the internet that sells all variety of e-books. They are not the publisher of e-books, but more like an intermediate party between the actual author and the buyer.

In the offline world, Clickbank is like the Borders or Barnes and Nobles bookstores. Their key role is to handle online payment processing, complains and guarantees and also set a certain standards for the publishers to follow.

The Rise Of GreenDIYenergy Manual

Coming back to GreenDIYenergy manual, my Affiliate Elite software has been tracking its sales performance for the last 90 Days (April 2009 to end June 2009). The figures are pretty impressive.

As you can see from the chart above, Green DIY Energy guide has a steady increase based on their Product Gravity. Product Gravity is a complex formula used by Clickbank to calculate and to show the average product performance on a daily basis taking into factor multiple variables.

What does the graph shows? It is showing GreenDIYenergy having a very good sales performance trend for the last 90 days. As an analogy, the graph is like telling you how a book on their inventory is performing for the last 90 days. It gives an estimate figure of how many people are buying the book and how many people are returning it.

A Good Product To Invest In

If you are planning to buy a home renewable energy guide, Green DIY Energy manual is a very good bet. Not a lot of information product on the web has such a good performance record. One thing that I am certain, many people are buying the e-book and at the same time they are loving it because there is a very low return rate.

If you are wondering how to use solar or wind energy for your home to reduce your electricity consumption, be sure to check out Green DIY Energy manual.

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