TLD100 From Black & Decker – Awesome Home Air Leak Checker

Looking for leaks around the windows, doors and areas around your house you would never check?

There’s a very cool gadget I just got from, it is the Black & Decker TLD100. It is such a cool tool you’ll think it is a device from Star Trek!

It uses laser technology to detect temperature. Well, laser temperature detection gadgets have been around for quite awhile. So, what’s different about the Black & Decker TLD100? Check this out…

First, you point it at the area you are looking for the temperature. Let’s take a door as an example. You switch on the TLD100 and point it at the door. It will give you a reference temperature. You will see a green light on the door. The green light will indicate the reference temperature of the door.

In the front of the device, there is a “selector” to choose either a 1 degree hotter or colder, the light emitted by the device will change. A blue light will indicate the surface is 1 degree colder than the reference temperature. The red light indicates it is 1 degree hotter. It is that simple.

You can choose the selector to 1, 5 or 10 degree settings. At 1 degree, the device is already very sensitive which is great if you are checking for minute temperature differences.

How do you use the TLD100?

You start of by pointing it to the surface of the door and you will get the temperature. What we want to check are air leaks around the door. Move the light to the crack of the door and if you see the light turns blue, it means the temperature is lower because air is seeping in. The device will also indicate the exact temperature of the door crack area. Awesome!

Move the light all the way around the door jam and mark any area with a blue light shined on it. Cold air is seeping into your house and you have to seal it.

You may not be able to feel the cold air coming into the room through the door, but the thermostat will feel it and it will let the heater go on and spiking your electricity bill.

If you were to seal the sides of the door, it may cost you maybe $4 to $5 and it would definitely worth your while to put it in. The amount of money you save on the long run will be substantial.

What you can do now is take the TLD100 around your house and look for other air leaks. It is fun and it’ll save you money.

Where can you get the Black & Decker TLD100?

I got it from with free shipping included. Click on the link below for more information.