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6 Practical Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Those worried about excessive energy consumption due to usage of various electrical equipment for heating, cooling, lighting and operating home appliances can take advantage of implementing many energy-efficient home improvements. Energy efficient homes are not only Eco-friendly but also are cost effective in the long run. For example, if the home owner can implement certain [...]

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Can Your Entire House Run On Batteries?

The simple answer is YES, but you would need a really large and efficient battery bank. As highlighted in the video above, Elon Musk, the guy behind the Tesla electric cars is attempting to bring highly efficient battery bank for home usage. To learn more about the Tesla Powerwall home battery, CLICK HERE. Tesla Powerwall [...]

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How Energy Is Wasted At Home? Here Are 8 Ways

In the present situation, when there is heavy demand for energy and acute constraints in its availability, it is a great challenge to not only for home owners and tenants but also experts on energy sources to identify the areas of wastage in residential power consumption and energy leakages and their causes. A saving of [...]

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