Michael Harvey Earth4Energy – Is He Real?

One of the very first e-book on home renewable energy guide is Michael Harvey’s Earth4Energy. I had that manual for more than a year now.

All this while I have been wondering, is Michael Harvey a real person?

That question came about when I was reading Seth Godin’s All Marketers Are Liars book. That’s a great title isn’t it? It worked because the title of the book got my attention.

In the book, Seth talks about the power of storytelling in a low-trust world such as the internet. Selling on the world wide web is very different from selling in a retail store. There are too many choices, too many noise and minimal human interaction. It is very hard for a web site to build trust.

To be successful selling on the web, you must be able to tell a good story about your product or service. In fact, we as a consumer want to listen to a story about the product or service before we make our decision.

That lead me back to Michael Harvey of Earth4Energy. According to the www.earth4energy.com web site, Michael is a renewable energy enthusiast and a co-founder.

The story was, Michael found a way to make a low cost home solar power system that managed to reduce his home electricity bill. He actually wrote the Earth4Energy manual together with his good friend Mark.

Michael’s idea was also tested on 43 solar newbies and they managed to build a solar panel which is capable of generating electricity to power some of their electrical appliances at home.

It is a good story no doubt, but is the story teller real?

When I was pondering that question, I came to realize one thing…do I really care whether Michael Harvey is real or not?

Well, actually I couldn’t care less.

When I first decided to buy a copy of Earth4Energy, what I really wanted was the content in the manual. I had a problem back then because I was paying a lot of money for electricity at home. I wanted to know if I can reduce my home power consumption by using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

The truth is, I really don’t care how they market or package the e-book. As long as I get some value out of it, I am happy. I am sure other people will feel otherwise.

If you are having the same problem of high home energy cost and you are looking for ways to supplement your energy needs with solar or wind power, check out the Earth4Energy guide. They told a very good story.

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