Domestic Wind Turbine – Reduce Your Home Energy Bill

Domestic wind turbine is fast becoming a popular [tag-tec]renewable energy system[/tag-tec] to reduce a household power consumption. Most people will consider a home solar panel when considering an alternative power source for their homes, but a small group of people is discovering the benefits of a home wind power generator.

A home windmill can be used to supplement the energy demand of your house hence reducing your dependency on the power utility companies. But before you rush out to install a large fan blade to harness the [tag-tec]wind energy[/tag-tec], here’s some points to consider.

Just like in any DIY green energy power system, there are advantages and disadvantages. In regards to a domestic wind turbine, not all houses are suitable to use such technology.

The effectiveness of wind generator depends on the locality and also the weather.

One major considering for a [tag-tec]home windmill[/tag-tec] to work properly is “wind speed”. The blades need a strong gasp of wind to generate enough kinetic energy to produce sufficient electricity.

On average, we are looking at a wind speed of 6 mph and above. This will also depend on the size of blades, the diameter and also its weight. A stronger wind is needed to move a heavy blade due to its momentum.

How would you know the average wind speed in your area? Easy, we ask our friendly Google search engine for help. Go to and type in “wind speed” and follow by your city.

For example, when I type in “wind speed San Francisco”, I get “Real-Time San Francisco Bay Wind Patterns” as the first listing.

The website will give the wind speed information I am looking for. As a [tag-tec]rule of thumb[/tag-tec], if the average wind speed in your area is above 10 mph, a domestic wind turbine system may work for your home.

It will be an ideal situation where you can totally eliminate your home power dependency from the grid just by using wind energy.

However, wind is unpredictable which mean it is unreliable as the only power source for your house. For a complete renewable energy system, you may look into home solar panel as a synergistic power system.