Tools For Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects

Most people would be delighted to see that their homes appear clean and appealing. They would like to make the best use of their living space and are motivated to do all the home improvement jobs by themselves in view of considerable cost savings.

However, high costs of Do It Yourself (DIY) tools these days deter them to undertake these jobs by themselves. Nevertheless, in order to make costs of home improvement jobs affordable, numerous varieties of inexpensive tools are available in the market.

Here are some of the most useful tools that make home improvement jobs ‘cost effective’.

The Hammer

Hammer is available in different shapes and sizes and is an important hand tool useful for variety of jobs. It is a multipurpose and an inexpensive tool and most suitable for driving nails into the wall for hanging pictures, for keeping furniture together and many other jobs like fixing carpets on the floor.

It is always better to purchase a couple of hammers in two different sizes, such as mid-size and large-size, instead of a single piece. While mid-size hammer is useful where the item to be nailed is of lower or medium height, the large size is meant for bigger objects and for areas on large items that are difficult to reach.

Laser Levelers

Laser levelers are portable tools useful for adjustment of measurements and alignments and are inexpensive. For example, a laser leveler can be used to adjust measurements for objects like pictures hanging on walls and adjust heights in alignment with furniture and long distance accuracy.

Laser levelers are also useful to position shelves in line with the rest of the room. The laser targeted level can help in measuring the room properly in order to ensure that art work and wall picture frames are fixed in such a way that they are perfectly in line with furniture and other objects in the room. Level levelers can make a room appear elegant and appealing.

Hand Pliers

Pliers are very useful for securely holding several different articles together and can be adjusted depending upon the work requirements. There is wide-range of pliers in the market useful for holding metal and electric wires. One can get a set of pliers for less than $10.

Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is also a very low-priced item and is useful to take correct measurement of an area or for measuring distance between 2 objects.

For example, if a bookcase is to be placed in the corner of a room for which the place has already been allocated, one can use measuring tape to measure the area correctly matching the dimensions of the bookcase.

While laser levelers are complex set of hand tools, a measuring tape is a very handy tool that facilitates the calculation of the size of the object and the size of the area in relation to the other items in the room.


Screwdrivers are not costly and if a screwdriver kit set is bought, you can attach different heads instead of purchasing various types and sizes of screwdrivers.

A screwdriver is such an important tool that no job can be completed without it. Screwdrivers are useful for tightening and loosening of any type of screws.

Power Drills

The jobs of tightening and loosening screws can be made much simpler with an electric powered drill. With a cordless power drill, you can accomplish the job of drilling multiple size holes anywhere with the power source from Li-ion battery pack.

Hand Saw

There are different types and sizes of hand saws in the market. However, the hand saw is a very useful tool for many home improvement jobs that require the use of wood. A small saw is useful for cutting shelving, roof support members, edges of wooden doors window panels etc. They are also not very costly.

Goggles & Safety Accessories

Goggles offer protection to your eyes from rubble and dust and should be put on as a safety measure when working with power tools. There are other small accessories like particle mask, protective gloves and foam ear plugs that can protect your hand, ear and nose.

A particle mask offers protection against inhalation of dust and fumes coming out from power tools at the time of cutting wood. Protective gloves are used while working with various cutting tools and prevent fingers from getting severed or slashed. Working with power tools is very noisy and the excessive noise may affect your ears. For this, foam ear plugs are very useful.

All these safety accessories are as important as other tools and are inexpensive as well. Although many conventional hand tools and power tools used for home improvement works are not costly, it is still worthwhile to shop around to compare the prices of the tools to getting the best deal.