Bosch PS30-2A Discount Pricing – Lower Pricing On Your Power Drill?

Since the Bosch PS30-2A discount coupon first appeared and then expired, home DIY enthusiasts everywhere have wanted to know how to get their power drill for a little less money.

The web is filled with ideas and coupon codes that just don’t seem to be working. Is there a way to get your Bosch drill for a lower price than you might ordinarily pay? Well, the answer is yes, there is currently one way for you to get your new drill a little lower priced, and why not? I’ll show you how in a while.

The New Bosch PS30-2A Power Drill

The Bosch PS30-2A 12-Volt Max 3/8-Inch drill driver is a speedy, powerful and delivers great performance despite being compact and portable enough to be carried around. It features a two speed, three jaw chuck and offers a sturdy design that delivers a lot of punch inspite of being comfortable and easy to control.

The PS30-2A derives its power from batteries which contain lithium, thus allowing more battery charges and provide a long battery life and the best feature is that it has no memory effect…which means that the battery doesn’t need to be drained before it needs to be charged again. It is also possible to remove the batteries from the charger before it is completely charged.

Some of its other advantages include electronic cell protection which defends against excess heating, overloading and deep discharge as well as zero power loss from the first to the last hole. The best part is that the batteries require a petty 30 minutes to get fully charged and will be at 85% after just 15 minutes of charging.

The PS30-2A from Bosch is a powerful and compact drill driver which features a very high toque to weight ratio. It has a pioneering design and can be used for about 90% of all common applications. Its 3/8 inch single sleeve chuck allows secure use of round shaft bits.

The PS30-2A weighs a measly 2.4 pounds…which is 50% smaller than its competitor – The Nicad drill. Due to this, the PS30-2A is a unique one of a kind tool that can fit in your tool pouch. Due to its one of a kind, innovative features, it is ideal for performing overhead work for long hours and accessing tight corners.

Its sleek and streamlined shape and size reduce fatigue of the hand and wrist to a minimum…thus allowing you to work without any discomfort, for longer. The PS30-2A offers a great gear speed of 400/1,100 Rotations per minute (RPM) and a torque of 220 in./lbs which allows it to drill a hole of even upto a 1/2 inch in diameter with ease and without a pause. It also hardly heats up even after heavy duty applications.

The PS30-2A provides two speeds for increased accuracy and versatility. Its 20+1 clutch settings allow accurate driving and stop over torque in materials having a soft base, thus allowing a great deal of flexibility to complete a wide range of jobs.

Its strong and sturdy design with a comfortable bit folder and LED, are capable of maintaining functionality even after being dropped. It also features a universal bit holder as well as an LED to improve visibility in areas which are enclosed and lowly lit.

ProVantage Guarantee

The PS30-2A is guaranteed with a three year protection plan from ProVantage, which guarantees two years of protection for you battery and one year of tool protection. Under this plan, you are eligible to receive 2 years of free battery replacements, one year of tool replacement, and free tool repair packages for the second and third years.

Getting The PS30-2A At A Discount

If you want to get your PS30-2A at a discount, all you have know is how to get the lowest price from It’s quite simple actually. From time to time, Amazon will run special deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. You just need to keep your eyes open for these types of deal to pop up.

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