Black & Decker CCS818 Review – Is It Any Good?

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Black & Decker CCS818 Review – Is It Any Good?

The Black & Decker CCS818 is the perfect chainsaw for you and for every other cutter out there. There are many good reasons why this is so. Some of the reasons are found below.

1) Magazines speak favorably about it – which means that there should be little space for doubt in your mind. Writers of these magazines are often the experts in the field.

2) They know the product better – how they work, how they operate, what happens inside these tools. Hence, when these writers speak positively about a product, you can be sure that the product must be really good and efficient.

To the consumer, it means that the CCS818 electric chainsaw is worth their money and trust. Generally, reviews from actual users are positive about it also. We need to define first though what “review” really means in the context of this article.

Reviews refer to comments and feedback from people who have already brought the product and have tried it themselves. These people were not paid just to post their comment online hence we can certainly say that what they are saying is close to the truth.


The Black & Decker CCS818 garnered overall favorable product reviews from consumers. Positive comments about its efficiency are found all over the page. Of course, there are also those who were not satisfied with the product but their numbers were considerably less than those who were greatly delighted to the point of recommending it to other people they know.

Black & Decker CCS818 – The Features

So what are this portable electric chainsaw features that people are talking favorably about? The product has absolutely many good features, the most common of which is its ability to decrease vibration when in use. Decreased vibrations would mean less hassle and hence more comfort to the operator.

In addition, the CCS818 model also comes with two fast-charging batteries to ensure that work continuously. Hence, when you are using one battery, you could have the other charged so that when the one being used is exhausted, you could readily replaced it with the charged battery.

Lastly, this product is very light and easy to use so that first-time chainsaw users, even children, could easily use it with comfort. Indeed with this product, cutting is a lot easier and more convenient to do.

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If you are looking for a portable electric chainsaw, by all mean, check out Black & Decker CCS818. Click on the link below to order the chainsaw from and have it delivered to your doorstep for free.

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