Keeping Your Photovoltaic Panels Clean For Optimum Power Output

Many people think that maintenance and care of solar panels is very difficult but in fact it is quite simple and easy. Since the Photovoltaic (PV) panels have no moving parts hence regular maintenance is not required.

But in any case maintenance is very important for everything we use. Solar panels need periodic cleaning and small repairs are must which will enhance the life of the solar panels. Regular maintenance not only increases the lifespan but makes it look good.

If the roof is flat then the PV panels are installed flush on the roof, you have to ensure that the solar panels are not covered with snow or leaves. Such an activity requires need based cleaning of the panels, because if you do not clean it, the performance of the solar cells gets affected.

Even partial cover will not be desirable as it will not produce sufficient power. Such incidents make the solar panels ineffective, and production capacity suffers. Those panels which are installed on angles are easier to clean as compared to those which are installed on the flat roof.

Since snow does not get accumulated on the angled panels, but the dust leaves and bird droppings can create problems. Hence regular cleaning is must which should be done on regular intervals.

Some of the manufacturers suggest that cleaning is not required more than once or twice a year, but as a precaution one must clean the solar panels on quarterly basis that is once in three months. You may clean it additionally if the area where you live is quite dusty.

There are other precautions also which one must take in protected the wires. Squirrels and rats are often problem creators by chewing the wire and birds can sometimes build nests under the Photovoltaic panels. You must occasionally check all these things on regular basis, so that the power supply is not interrupted.

It would be good for you keep watch on the trees near your house, ensure to trim the branches regularly so that sunlight does not get blocked. You must regularly inspect cracks and any other damage and also look for water seepage due to rains. Most of the maintenance can be handled by you, but occasional professional help can be a great idea.

There are many companies which are masters in the maintenance. Such companies carry periodic checks to see the working and conditions of panels and wires including the mount brackets. The change of transformer fluids should be done every two to three years.

Buying and installing the solar panels can save you lot of money, you can recover the cost within few years, since it very easy to clean and maintain, one should not hesitate in the initial investment. Getting solar power that is free can be real life time experience, if your PV panels are producing surplus power, you can sell this power to the power companies and earn substantial income.

Your proper maintenance of the panels can give you optimum results and you can enjoy free neat and clean energy for lifetime.