Magniwork Generator – Is The Magnetic Generator From Magniwork A Scam?

For the last couple of days, I have been reading the Magniwork generator e-book that I bought. I found the information quite interesting. Anyway, I’m a science geek and I like this type of information.

I was wondering, can we really use magnetic forces to generate electricity to power our home electrical appliances? According to the Magniwork guide, we can.

What’s Possible With Magnetic Generator

To be honest, I think a Do It Yourself (DIY) magnetic rotor is capable, of generating electric power sufficient to light up a 50 watt light bulb. I don’t think it is capable to do anything more than that.

If you want to get more out of the magnet generator, you would have to build multiple dynamos and flow all the electricity into a battery bank.

You would have to run the generator for couple of days to charge up the battery. The stored electricity can then be used to power low wattage electrical appliances such as a radio, fan, table lamp etc. The key here is to scale up the project. Very much like a home solar power system.

Magniwork Generator Scam!

Is the Magniwork generator idea a scam? “Scam” is actually too strong of a word. More of “false expectation”.

A homemade magnetic generator will not solve your power consumption issue at home. It is unlikely the system can reduce it by 50% or more. It may generate sufficient power to light a table lamp and that’s about it.

Like I said earlier, if you are a science geek and you like to build stuff in your garage, then Magniwork generator would be a lot of fun. It’s really cool seeing how magnets interact with each other to produce kinetic energy. The “whooshing” sound of the spinning flywheel will make you feel as if you’ve created an alien machine!

Practical Idea To Reduce Home Energy Consumption

If you are looking for practical ideas to reduce your home electricity consumption, why not look into solar power. Residential solar is a billion dollar industry.

There are thousands of solar power contractors in the country and it is a booming industry. That shows a lot of home owners are investing in the system.

Start off by getting some basic understanding on what’s involved in a home solar power system. Be prudent and get informed. At least you will know when the solar contractor is charging you for unnecessary parts or work done on your home.

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