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Free Power Blueprint Review – Is Ronald Bronson For Real?

If you are a home owner, one of the best ways to reduce your monthly electricity consumption is to use a solar power system. The idea is to use Photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert the energy from the sun into usable electricity stored in battery banks.

When you have multiple electrical appliances drawing power from the battery bank, you will begin to notice a reduction of your month utility bill.

Apart from using solar panels, there is another way where you can use free energy from nature to charge the batteries. One of the methods gaining popularity is by using a magnetic generator.

When I first heard of this concept, I was really intrigued and decided to do some research on the subject on the web. When I was researching the information, it lead me to a web site call Free Power Blueprint.

The Free Power Blueprint was created by Ronald Bronson, who is a self proclaim alternative energy enthusiast.

I read through the web page and watched the video on the website at It is very interesting and I bought the e-book just to find out what it has to offer.

Reviewing The Free Power Blueprint

The idea behind the Free Power Blueprint is to use magnets to create kinetic energy to spin an electric generator. The concept is not perfect, and yet the manual attempts to explain how it could be done.

What Ronald Bronson wanted to show in his manual is to utilize the natural “pulling and pushing” forces of magnets to generate energy. In a nut shell, you begin to build the magnetic generator by preparing a circular disc about 1.5 feet in diameter and supported at the center core through a set of bearings.

Magnet bars with positive poles are placed around the circumference of the disc. Next, place another set of magnet bars with the same positive poles outside the circular plate on a fixed location.

When you turn the disc, the magnets will come close to each other but they do not touch. When the same positive poles get near, their natural tendency is to repel one another. The repelling forces will build up and start to spin the disc faster and faster.

To harness the spinning momentum, a belt is connected from the central core of the disc to an electric generator. When the generator spins, it will create an electric current which then can be used to charge the battery units.

The entire process sounds easy when Bronson explains it in his Free Power Blueprint, but is does require a lot of precision engineering.

Free Power Blueprint Review Conclusion

So what’s my take on the Free Power Blueprint? Is Ronald Bronson for real?

The idea of using a magnetic generator for home sounds very interesting but there are still a lot of room for improvement. Not everyone would be able to make the Do It Yourself (DIY) magnetic generator.

You must have a good grasp on electrical wiring and have the ability to build high precision devices. Nonetheless, that has not stopped many DIY enthusiasts to give it a try.

Personally, the Free Power Blueprint is an informative product and I did gain some new knowledge from it. If you are interested to find out how to make your own home magnetic generator, get a copy of Ronald Bronson’s manual. It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee anyway. If you don’t like it, you can always ask for your money back.

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  1. Richard Mullock February 28, 2011 at 12:00 am

    I live in Ontario, Canada and I have seen, since electrical power generation was allowed to be privatized, a surge in the cost of electricity. The different elements that appear on the invoice include not just your cost per kw hour used but transmission, administrative fees, debt paydown, etc. You are then required to pay 13% tax on all of these charges. It has also been well established that these costs will rise in the future. From what I’ve been able to determine, there are energy devices that have been invented but their construction and therefore their use as alternative energy devices have been suppressed by private interest groups for obvious reasons. It’s like someone finding a cure for cancer and all the research institutes finding a way to destroy that information else their funding would then dry up. There needs to be a way for the average home or business owner to find a way to free themselves from the grid. Whether through passive means such as solar or through Ronald Bronson’s generator and even wind turbines, makes more sense today than at any other time before. Many people who are on fixed incomes will not be able to afford to power their homes because of the rising cost of power. Manufacturers and service industries will be compelled to charge more on their goods. which will affect all of us. Those who are unable to afford these rising costs will be affected the most. In conclusion, we cannot afford to ignore the potential that zero point energy systems can benefit the average person. At the same time we cannot depend on governments or power companies to help people wean themselves from the monopoly of the power grid system as it exists today. We have to, as individuals, or as collective groups, make this new technology available privately.

  2. Andy Birch March 17, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    Where cab we actually see this machine working in real life not on U Tube??

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