Homemade Energy Review – Is Homemade Energy E-book a Scam?

Ever since the global crude oil price reached its peak at $150 per barrel back in mid 2008, home owners have had to pay a higher electricity bill. This is not surprising since most of the utility companies use oil or natural gas to generate power.

The dreadful question is, would there be another price hike in the future? Chances are…it might.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be at the mercy of the power companies. They increase the power rate I have to pay but I have never seen a reduction…even when crude oil prices have reduced!

That has lead me to source for ways to reduce my home electricity consumption. One alternative is to use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind generator.

As it turns out, there are many DIY residential renewable energy guides on the web. One of the popular ones is the Homemade Energy e-book from www.homemadeenergy.org.

Is it any good? Or is it a scam?

That’s the reason I’m writing this review.

Homemade Energy Manual Review

The Homemade Energy book is written by Ben Ford. Ben is a 52 year old Californian who has some experience building residential green energy systems. You can see Ben in his introduction video above.

For this review, I decided to purchase the manual.

Is It A Scam?

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant before I made the purchase. But I did it anyway. There’s actually a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on Ben’s offer. So I thought what the heck. There’s no harm trying it.

There are actually 2 manuals that come with Homemade Energy. A DIY solar panel and home wind turbine guide.

Ben of Homemade Energy promised he’ll show us how to own a solar or wind power for $200 or even less.

If is possible to work with such a low budget or is he pulling my leg?

I started to read the solar power guide to find the answer.

DIY Solar Panel For Less Than $200

After reading the solar guide, I realized the budget of less than $200 is meant for 1 solar panel and not for the complete system.

The solar panel instruction recommended in Homemade Energy is capable of generating about 18 volts and approximately 75 watts of energy. To do that, we have to use 36 pieces of Photovoltaic (PV) cells.

As it turns out, we can get a lot of the construction material quite cheaply from Ebay.

To be fair, a complete residential solar power system would need more than $200 of capital investment. Remember, there are other components involved such as DC disconnect, switch panel, battery bank, charge controller, power inverter, power cables, meter gauges etc.

Ben did cover a quick description of all the components in his guide, but I wish he could have provided more information such as the types, cost, recommendation etc.

Review Conclusion

So, is Ben Ford’s Homemade Energy guide a scam? Personally, I did learn some valuable information from the guide. I have not read the wind generator manual yet. But so far, the DIY solar panel instructions make sense and relatively easy to follow.

Hence, I don’t think it a scam. Nonetheless, everyone has their own individual opinion. If you want to know more about Homemade Energy, click on the link below.

==> Click here to visit Homemade Energy now!

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