Reviewing the $98 DIY Solar Panel Guide

One of the upcoming home green energy guide on the internet is the Green DIY Energy program. In the members’ area, you actually get to access 6 High Definition (HD) instructional videos on how to make your own solar panel.

Apart from the video series, there are also 4 bonus e-books available for download that covers the topic of DIY solar panel and DIY wind generator. In this blog post I am going to do a review of the Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel guide e-book.

The $98 Homemade Solar Panel

The core message behind this guide is how to make a solar panel for under $100…$98 to be exactly. I was pretty skeptical initially. I thought you will need a bigger budget in order to do that.

To show you that it is possible to work on such a low budget, there is a cost break down of all the parts and components for the solar module.

The biggest cost is the Photovoltaic (PV) cells. The author of the manual actually recommends getting the solar cells from eBay. The idea is to get slightly damaged or cracked cells. These are definitely cheaper compared to new solar cells.

The second largest cost for the project is on miscellaneous wood which you have to get from the lumber yard. If you have some plywood laying around, you can use them to get your cost even lower.

The other items are pretty inexpensive that you may already have in your garage. Items such as silicone caulk, screws, Plexiglas, paint etc.

Step By Step Instructions

One thing that I really like in this e-book is the step by step instructions. Reading the manual, it will take you through the following process:

1) Checking and joining the solar cells together.

You have to check all the cells you’ve bought from eBay to make sure them are in good working condition. You will need a multi-meter to do this.

The next step is to solder all the PV cells together. To understand how this is done, you should watch one of the video in the series. The host, Byran Clark will show you how to use the soldering gun, solder and the flux.

2) Building the solar panel box.

The next thing you have to do is make the box where it will house all the solar cells. The key here is the dimension, the material and protective coating to make it lasts.

3) Preparing the substrate.

If you didn’t know, the PV cells are not affixed the solar panel box. Instead, they are glued on to a substrate. Again, the importance here is to get the dimension right and protective coatings.

4) Plexiglas cover.

In this section, the manual will show you how to attach the clear Plexiglas to the solar panel. It is not as easy as it seems.

You have to follow the steps recommended in order to prevent the Plexiglas from bending, cracking or moisture seeping into the PV cells area.

5) Panel testing and assembly.

The final stage of making your own solar module is to test it and then assemble it. Again, you will need to use a multi-meter to do this.

Manual Review Conclusion

So what’s my verdict? The DIY solar panel guide from Green DIY Energy is good. If you use it together with their HD instructional videos, it makes it “Great”!

Some people may not be able to understand the instructions on the e-book. The videos actually show you how the steps are done. It complements the guide nicely.

If you are wandering how to make a home solar panel for under $100, Green DIY Energy has the solution for you. If you like to get more information, check out the comprehensive Green DIY Energy review on this blog.

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