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Stop The Power Leaks Before Your Spend Money On Solar Power

There are many benefits of installation a solar power system at your home. This type of home improvement project is very different from anything else.

Using solar power does involvement some capital investment. Do you know you can start saving money even before you starting spending money?

Yes you can, and it is all about plugging the energy leaks.

Where’s The Leak?

In order for you to locate power leaks at home, you have to perform a process known “Energy Audit”.

Most, home owners have no clue how and where power is being consumed in their house.

The total “electricity required” in a household is equal to the actual energy used by all the electrical appliances plus “power leaks” or “power wastage”.

Paying More For Less

When you are building a solar system, in actual fact, you are spending more money to setup a bigger system by having more solar panels and more battery units.

Not to mention the addition labor cost you have to pay.

If the total power consumption at a home is less, you can build a smaller solar system. Logically, a smaller system equals to lower construction budget.

There are many ways to lower your home power requirement. The easiest way is to perform “energy conservation measures”.

Find out where energy is being wasted and plug up all the leaks before you start investing money on solar power!

Huh…A Car Analogy?

Imagine this scenario, you are driving a SUV and you are spending $1000 a month on gas expenses and it is burning a hole in your pocket.

Feeling the pinch, you are exploring options that you can help to reduce your gas bill.

One option that you are considering is to install and natural gas system on your SUV to cut down on the fuel consumption.

You are about to invest $5000 on the natural gas system.

What you may not know about your SUV is its mechanical condition. Due to heavy usage, there are lots of wear and tear on your vehicle.

The timing is off and the internal combustion engine is not burning fuel efficiently.

The clutch is all worn out.

The engine oil is filthy.

Worst of all, all 4 tires are under inflated.

As you can see, your SUV is gulping up fuel like a thirsty traveler and not giving you the actual driving mileage.

How much mileage do you think you’ll be increasing by getting an engine tune up, replace the clutch, changing the oil and inflating all the tires? A 10 to 20 percent improvement maybe?

By doing that, do you still need to spend money on the natural gas system?

The analogy above is very much the same with our home. We are spending more money on electric bills because of energy leaks.

If we were to seal all the leaks, chances are, you will see a reduction on your monthly electricity bills.

Now, the issue is how to find these leaks. I will save that thought for my next blog post.

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