Home Energy Audit – Know Where You’re Wasting Money

Home Energy Audit – As Recommended By Earth 4 Energy

Many people are starting to see the benefits of [tag-tec]renewable energy[/tag-tec] such as solar power for homes.

Apart from the mortgage, our home electricity bill is one of our largest household expenses. Any ideas that can reduce our home energy consumption is worthwhile to be explored further.

As I was reading Michael Harvey’s Earth 4 Energy, I realize he did mention to do a home energy audit before implementing any renewable energy system. Why should we do an audit?

When we do an energy audit, we are in effect getting to know our energy bills in detailed. I have to admit, doing it is no fun. It’s painfully actually. You will be surprised how much energy your home is wasting on a daily basis.

First, we should dig out all the electric bills for the last couple of years. Some people may have kept the bills and some may not. If you don’t, you should start doing it.

Lay all the bills out and compare them. Look for the trends in the usage of power. Are there any spikes in the power consumption?

When I did this, I notice a distinctive spike for the bills starting from mid 2008. After I looked into it closer, I noticed that was when our power utility company increased the power rate.

Our home energy bill when up about 12 percent! But the total power in kilo Watt hours (KWH) used is generally the same. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about this other than writing a complain letter to the utility company.

Next, the book Earth 4 Energy recommended to locate air leaks on our homes. As I found out, simple leaks can increase energy consumption in terms of cooling or heating by 5 – 30%.

Where should we look?

A good place to start are corners, chimneys, piping or wire exits and along the foundation. To plug air leaks, we should also use a good seal form around doors and windows.

If you have an attic, look at the hatch. It is insulated?

Some of the building material may be crumbling or compacted which means it has lost its effectiveness. Similarly, check your basement ceiling, as well as basement walls. Make sure all hot water pipes and furnace ducts are insulated also.

There are many more home energy audit recommendation in Earth 4 Energy. If you would like to find out more, check out Earth 4 Energy review on this blog.

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