Can We Really Alleviate Global Warming With Homemade Energy?

Global warming is the burning hot topic at almost any gathering – be it of friends, office colleagues or corporate honchos. Now what is this Global Warming?

In simple terms, the gradual increase of temperature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere has been termed as global warming by the scientists and they had even speculated that the Earth’s climate has to go through global warming since it is a natural phenomenon.

As for ourselves, we have heard, seen and experienced a radical change in the weather across the globe; it has become quite different and in some parts, extreme, than what it was, say 20 years back. Due to this, heat waves have occurred in many places; worst affected is Russia where a million acres of wheat and death of thousands of people had stunned the nation.

Widespread natural catastrophes like floods in New England, Nashville, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Pakistan have wiped out over 20 million precious lives. No one can forget Hurricane Katrina, last year’s Typhoon Ketsana and even the latest Typhoon Konson, all of which had been results of global warming.

This climate change has caused tornadoes, hails and droughts across countries and continents. Scientists and environmentalists are working on war-footing basis to minimize the causes of global warming and devise ways and means for delaying this; one of the most prominent being reducing carbon dioxide emission.

Scientists around the world are trying to educate people of a number of ways that will reduce this emission, some of these being using gas-electric hybrid cars, mass transportation for commuting, recycling and reusing materials like plastics, paper, glass, aluminum and even by acquiring energy efficient appliances as also by creating homemade energy.

Homemade energy is the use of renewable energy sources like the solar and/or wind power that we can use to power up our homes. In recent years, it has become quite popular since it not only provides us the opportunity to save energy and reduces the electricity bills but also goes a long way in saving the earth by not emitting harmful carbon dioxide and being truly green.

Homemade solar power systems using solar panels and homemade wind power systems trap energy from the sun and the wind, respectively to generate electricity and meet our energy requirement. Nowadays, homemade solar panels and wind power energy systems built from inexpensive yet durable materials have brought down the initial installation expenditure.

Depending on the location of your residence and the climate thereof, you can choose and install the appropriate renewable power system. If you reside in a sunny area you can install homemade solar panels, whereas homemade wind turbines will prove beneficial if your home has wind in abundance.

However, if you are among the lucky few to enjoy both these renewable power sources, you can install both these power generating systems. These renewable energy sources not only pave the way for a greener future and provide electricity during brownouts but are also positively inclined towards maintaining the balance of the environment.

Scientists have opined that greenhouse gas emissions of solar PV plant including production and installation are eight times less than that of a coal-fired plant. It can even earn you money if the energy produced is more than consumption, which will move the electric meter in the opposite direction, thereby making the electricity company pay you.

A small step in the way we lead our lives can prove to be a big leap in affecting the lives of the Earth’s future. Some simple decisions and activities in our everyday life, like turning off the lights when not in use and minimizing water wastage can make a difference and save our planet.

We should not only do our bit but should also make our friends and relatives aware of the effects of Global warming and the steps necessary to be taken to avert the impending disaster looming over our future. Homemade energy is truly the solution to this problem.