DuroMax XP10000E Gas Generator – My Personal Review

As they do not have a service center network, I was worried about purchasing the DuroMax XP10000E gas generator as a backup power source for my home. I was concerned because I thought they will ask me to take it to a small engine shop near my place and contact them later to inform the charges incurred under warranty.

On inquiring with their customer service they confirmed that third party verification for the parts that were needed was not required. They also informed that I could fix it myself if I wanted. They told that I need only call and tell them what I wanted and they would send it to me. I felt that it was a fair deal.

I got my DuroMax XP10000E package in about a week through USF Holland freight. The package was received in perfect condition. Since I got liftgate delivery, the big semi was brought up to the garage.

The company’s representative who brought the package placed it at the center of the garage with the help of a hand truck. He did not even ask for any assistance from me. I opened the cardboard carton in which it was packed only after he left.

The packing was done well with thick foam on all sides. All the loose parts like wheel kit etc. were properly placed in the foam packing. Though it is very heavy, it can be assembled and moved out of the skid by one person.

I began by assembling the wheel kit after pulling the front till it overhung about 10 inches. I then pivoted one side of the rear till it overhung to assemble that strut.

The next thing I did was to block the rear strut up with a 4 X 4 and pulled the skid out. Then I assembled the other strut. After filling it with synthetic blend oil and about a gallon of gasoline, I opened the fuel valve that is located to the right of the choke handle. I tried to start the generator with the key after pulling the choke handle out.

The battery was completely dead. I put the battery for charging and tried to start the generator with the battery of my lawn tractor. It started off almost before I could take my hand off the key.

The XP10000E portable generator unit comes with idle control and hence speed adjustments are not required. Idling speed is high for all generators as they have to produce current. The generator ran with no noticeable fluctuations in engine speed.

I checked the output on all the current-carrying poles on all receptacles. The reading was steady at 119 volts everywhere. For the target of 120 volts output, I considered this to be excellent performance.

I plugged the extension cord that I had bought into the L14-30 240V receptacle on the generator. I took the extension cord inside the house and plugged up the conversion cord.

As the home appliances that I plan to run on the generator during power outage or when the sun is not shining will not need the surge power requirements, all my concerns were put to rest. The battery that came with the generator was not good and did not hold charge for even 30 minutes.

I called MaxTool and true to their word I got replacement. The brand new battery was shipped to me free of cost through FedEx. I was worried that I might have been given a generator that had been in the inventory for a year or so.

The tag on the generator set showed the manufacturing date as May 2007 and I bought it in August. So the generator was new. Only the battery was bad. With the new battery, the generator started on one pull every time.

Once in two weeks I start the generator and run it for a while to ensure oil circulation. I keep a maintenance trickle charger on it all the time. The generator has so far delivered what it promised. I cannot say anything as to what will happen over time.

I had almost bought a Coleman unit. The reviews about Coleman units are horrible. They have a lot of quality issues, gasoline and oil leakages, vibration, no idle speed control, no electric starter, and are highly priced.

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