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How To Organizing Garage Tools Effectively At Home

Quite often we find that the garage is very untidy with tools, small equipment and stores cluttered all over the area and might decide to restore some orderliness in it. Though strenuous and a lengthy process, it will save considerable time in future and enables to work smoothly in the garage.

Storing all the garage tools and accessories either in a tool box or in a shelf will not only make the garage look spick and span but also helps working in the garage less arduous. With every article in the garage neatly arranged, it will not be difficult or time consuming to locate the tools and equipment, whenever required.

Following are some of the methods that might provide proper guidance in organizing tools and equipments in the garage.

Spring clean your garage

To start with, segregate all the items in the garage and discard those articles that are not required or useful. Unnecessary items occupy a lot of valuable space in the garage.

If a particular tool is not used in a year or so, it is most likely that the item is not at all required, except if it is a costly tool that may be useful in future. After clearing the garage of all unnecessary items, the next step is to plan a proper layout and organize the workplace in such a manner that there would be enough moving space.

A free-standing yard tool organizer will be useful to store rakes, shovels, edgers and other backyard implements. It can store comparatively more tools and implements than a wall-mounted rack and is very useful in storing all heavy garden implements in one section of the garage or auto workshop.

If there is an unused space on the walls, wall pegboards can be used to hold small tools. An extensive range of tool holders designed for the pegboard are available that can hold various types of tools. Although this may not be the best method to store, at least all the tools will be visible and one need not exert to locate them.

Prepare storage compartments

Tool storage compartments are very useful to keep tools, such as hammers, wrenches, drill bits and pliers. These storage cabinets are available in variety of designs, sizes and price range. The costlier cabinets are made of thicker gauge of steel and provided with superior sliding devices for the drawers.

These cabinets with drawers can be used for smaller tools, specialized equipment and small items, like screws, nuts, bolts, nails and many more such items. This way the disorderly arrangement on the work table can be eliminated so also from open shelves.

Storage bins and wire spool can be used for keeping other equipment and materials. The materials can be sorted out in part bins. This will enable the materials to be kept out in the open where they are conspicuous.

The bins are normally made of durable materials and each is designed to store items of a particular weight in fasteners. Many sets of special tools such as, cordless drill, soldering iron, electrical tools, multi-meter, or carpentry tools can be kept in tool boxes.

Huge storage boxes made of plastic are also available to store plumbing tools or electrical items, like cables and wires. A box with a label on it to display the details of items stored in it can be placed on an open rack in which a set of tools for a particular job, such as fixing door locks, can be stored.

These are only some of the methods to organize garage tools or workshop tools in order to keep the garage clean and have enough moving space for working on specific jobs. Working in a tidy and clutter-free garage, with garage tools, equipment and consumable materials stored or kept properly in their allotted spaces will give immense pleasure to work in the garage.

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