Getting Your Home Energy Efficient By Fixing These Areas

One of the best ways to reduce energy cost is by enhancing the energy efficiency of various electrical equipment existing in a household. Basically in every home, the heating and cooling system consumes a lot of energy. Hence we should pay special attention in installing qualitative electrical equipment that are generally energy efficient.

An incandescent light bulb consumes more energy that can be replaced with CFL lamp which is an energy saver. Above all, the best way to reduce the electricity bill is by sealing the air leaks in a home.

People generally incur a heavy expenditure for operating and maintaining the heating and cooling systems in their homes and hence the right step is to ensure that the heated or cooled air is blocked inside the house, to the possible extend. The first and foremost attention therefore needs to be in setting right the air leak problems, for which some ideal tips are indicated here.

Windows and Doors

A lot of money is spent by a person on maintaining the heating and cooling system of his home. Hence one should bear in mind that the cooled or heated air inside is costly and should not be let to escape through the gaps in faulty doors, windows or other cracks.

The investments on replacement of old and outdated doors and windows will never go to waste in the long run, but will help save a lot of electricity that may get lost otherwise. Some weather-strips are now available in the market for pasting and plugging the leakage points, which one can do at home without any professional help.

Similarly the inflow of heated air in summer and the chilly air in winter from outside can be blocked by curtains and drapes in a home.

Home Insulations

Every home should be fully insulated from basement to the walls, failing which, a large quantity of energy may be lost. Otherwise to continue to maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside, you will have to adjust the thermostat frequently that may leave you with a hefty electric bill.

In these days, gas and electricity are fast becoming costly. Hence the insulation in a home comes under the “must have” category that helps resist the heat- flow.

A thicker insulation is used for a higher resistance capacity, which protects a home from outdoor elements. Most of the home owners are aware of the need for keeping the houses insulated, irrespective of the weather being winter or summer.

By maintaining a home with the right type of insulation, winter and summer becomes comfortable inside, without greater dependence on air conditioners and heaters.

Home Internal Air ducts

The heated or cooled air from a heating or air conditioner system (HVAC) passes to various rooms through the air ducts in a home. Unless the air duct is fault free, the result will be heavy energy bills caused by the leakage in the ducts. Such leakages may result in a loss up to 40% of the heated or cooled air of a home, with shocking energy bills.

The faulty air ducts may not always need replacements, but can be got repaired with the help of a trained professional, who rectifies them through a cleaning process. The money you spend on such repairs will be negligible, comparing to the loss of energy from faulty ducts. If the air ducts are kept cleaned, you can continue to maintain energy efficiency and enjoy a qualitative air flow in the interiors.