Comparing Earth 4 Energy With Green DIY Energy

Earth 4 Energy by Michael Harvey is one of the first residential renewable energy guides that I bought. The second one is Green DIY Energy from

Are there any differences between Earth 4 Energy versus Green DIY Energy?

As a matter of fact, there are.

High Definition (HD) Instructional Videos

Earth 4 Energy

When I first bought my copy of Earth4Energy last year, there are 3 instructional videos that you can download from the members’ area. To be honest, the video quality isn’t much to talk about.

When I purchased Green DIY Energy in March 2009, there was a total of 6 High Definition (HD) step by step instructional videos on how to build your own DIY solar panel. I was pretty impressed with the videos quality.

Lately, I decided to have a look in the Earth 4 Energy members’ area. They have just uploaded 7 new videos. They videos were professionally done with lots of animation, cut scenes and great background music.

I am not familiar with the video recording industry, but from the looks of the videos released by Earth 4 Energy, it would have cost at least $50,000 to make!

The Distinct Differences

Green DIY Energy

After viewing all the videos from Earth 4 Energy and Green DIY Energy, there are some distinct differences.

Firstly, the videos from Earth 4 Energy give you the “big picture” of a home solar power system.

Watching the videos reminds me of being in a high school science class learning about electricity…but with lots of visual simulation.

It shows you the macro aspect of a residential solar power system.

The videos from Green DIY Energy are more detailed. You actually learn step by step how to solder Photovoltaic (PV) cells together, lined them up into strings, wired them together and test it with a multi-meter.

It is the micro aspect of a home solar power system.

If you were to combine all the videos together, it will be a great learning package. You get to learn how a home solar power system works, and then have detailed instructions on how to make a solar panel. I am looking forward to see the video series to make a home wind generator.

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