My Solar Plans – 7 HD DIY Solar Panel Instructional Videos

If you are looking for the MySolarPlans ebook, you can actually find their main web site at

In actual fact, My Solar Plans is not a digital PDF file at all, it is more like a videos membership site. Anyone who subscribed to the program will have instant access to the members’ area.

Inside the members’ video section, there are 7 High Definition (HD) instructional videos teaching you how to make your own solar panels on a shoestring budget. The videos are:

1) Video 1: Introduction and tools

In this video, the presenter shows you what My Solar Plans is all about. Next, you are immediate shown all the tools needed for you to build your own Photovoltaic (PV) panel.

2) Video 2 : Soldering PV cell together

To build your own solar panel, you must know how to solder individual solar cells together. This is where you will need to get your hands dirty by learning how to use a hot soldering iron.

3) Video 3 : Testing the PV cell

When you are done soldering all the solar cell tabs together, the next step is to check the connectivity to make sure you’ve done a good job. The 3rd video from MySolarPlans will show you how to use a multi-meter to check the current output from the PV cells you soldered together.

If there is no reading on the multi-meter, that means you’ve messed up somewhere and you have to check all the tab connection.

4) Video 4 : Building the base of the solar panel

In this video, the presenter shows you what is the best material to make the base board of your solar panel. You will also need to download the Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel plans to get the correct dimension.

5) Video 5 : Fixing PV cell to the solar panel

In the next video, you will learn how to fix the soldered PV cells on to the base of the solar panel. The process is a bit tricky because you will be using silicon to make the solar cells stick properly.

6) Video 6: Wiring the solar cells

The following video is the fun part, this is where you learn how to wire all the PV cells in the solar panel together. The key here is to make sure the positive and negative run wires are connected properly. If you made an error here, you won’t get any power.

7) Video 7 – Completion

In the last video, you get to see the completed DIY solar panel. Does your self made solar panel look like the one in the video? If you followed the instruction closely, most probably it will. The next step is to repeat the entire process and start making more solar panel for your home solar power system.

Remember, the MySolarPlans ebook is mainly made up of HD streaming videos. There are a couple of digital PDFs though, you’ll get the solar panel design blueprints, tools list and also parts list in digital format.

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