Michael Harvey Solar Panels Building Tips – Using Recycled Parts

Michael Harvey Solar Panels Guide

The follow 3 tips were derived from Michael Harvey solar panels instructional program, the Earth 4 Energy.

Solar power system was already introduced since the eighties. However, it is just recently when the use of this system has become widespread. The good news is that recent technological advancements have also substantially decreased the prices of panels used for solar systems. This makes it possible to build your own system to use in the household without spending a substantial amount. Because solar panel systems produce electricity for free, having one at home will surely help in reducing your utility bills.

Another advantage of using the system is that it is environmentally free and makes financial sense. The good news is that homeowners also have the opportunity of creating their own system at home with the help of a few recycled parts or scratch materials and tools. These include a silicon caulk, plexiglass sheet, Rosin flux pen, copper wires, electrical solder, paint brush, screw driver, saw, soldering iron and wire cutter.

Scratch materials that can be found at home also include plywood and tin wires. Just make sure that these materials come with lengths that suffice your planned project. To guarantee success out of using recycled parts for home solar power system, consider keeping in mind the following tips before starting your project:

1. Develop a Sound Solar Power Plan or Kit

This is one of the most vital tips in building the most durable and efficient solar system for home using scrap materials and without exceeding your low budget. Develop a good and easy to follow plan. Creating a sound solar power system plan is essential in reducing the amount you will spend on the project. The key here is to work out on a plan which teaches the basics of building a system using recycled items.

It should also be noted that a good plan is that which recommends an extensive range of flexible materials, that can easily adapt with the unique requirements and design of your home. It should also be capable of recommending the most affordable places to get your needed materials including the recycled ones.

2. Use Green Building Materials

Building materials can be considered as green if these do not have a detrimental effect on people and the environment. Green products or materials include recycled ones that support putting waste into good use. This fully eliminates the need of disposing the materials into landfills. The use of recycled and green materials for your home’s solar panel will promote ease in bringing your desire to go green into a high level. This supports the clean production of electricity as well as the productive utilization of used yet functional materials.

3. Use Tempered Glass or Clear Products for the Solar Panels

Tempered glass or clear products are recycled or scrap materials that are extremely useful in creating the face of your solar panels. It is possible to purchase used tempered glass at affordable prices from local glass outlets. If you have used patio doors, then be aware that it is also possible to use these since these are available in various dimensions. Any of its various sizes is capable of accommodating up to 36 solar cells needed to acquire 17 to 19 volts.

The back part or frames of the solar panel can also be built using recycled parts. Included among the materials that are extremely useful in creating the durable backing of a green solar power system are used acrylic panels and plywood.