Power4Home Solar Power E-book – Is It The Real Deal?

John Russel’s Power4Home Solar Energy guide for homes is fast becoming one of the top selling residential DIY renewable manual on the internet.

What is Power 4 Home?

The e-book is written by a 46 year old home energy expert based in Minnesota, John Russel.

John wrote the guide with one goal…to teach home owners how to reduce their energy consumption without spending too much money.

The idea is to make a home DIY solar panel with a budget of less than $200.

Can it be done? Is it the real deal?

As matter of fact, the Power4Home solar power e-book has been featured on publication such as Smart Home Owner, Home Energy, Popular Science, Treehugger and Popular Mechanics.

Here’s The Catch

So what’s the catch?

Contrary to what has been written in the main web site at www.power4home.com, making a DIY solar panel is not an easy task. It does require a lot of hard work.

It is a simple instructional guide, but you still need the basic understanding of electrical components. You will also need to know how to use a multi-meter and a soldering iron.

Nonetheless, if you are patience and willing to follow the step by step instructions, chances are, you will be able to complete the solar module for less than $150!

Product Guarantee

One good thing about buying information product on the web is the guarantee. In this case, Power4Home guarantee is from John Russel himself.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with the manual, you can return it within 60 days from the purchase date and get a full refund.

This is fantastic!

I don’t think you will get this type of guarantee if you were to buy a paperback book from Borders or Barnes and Nobles.

Instructions in High Definition (HD) Videos

Here’s a bonus offer to all Power4Home buyer. For anyone that purchased the e-book, they will also receive 3 hours worth of High Definition (HD) instructional videos!

However, it is for a limited time only. For an investment of only $49.97, it is a steal. So make haste and head over to its main web site at www.power4home.com.

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