Home Solar Power Water Heater – Generating Hot Water For Free

There is an increasing awareness among people about climate changes and how emissions of harmful gases are polluting the atmosphere. This recognition is because several institutions are advocating cleaner, pollution-free and environmentally conducive living conditions.

People can do their bit for this important cause right at their homes by using a solar power water heater instead of conventional electric water heater. Solar power is energy generated by converting sunlight using Photovoltaic cells (PV). It can also be generated indirectly, using lenses or mirrors to focus a large area into a small beam, in a concentrated solar power (CSP) system.

The function of a water heater is to provide hot water to homes, business offices and other institutions. Water heaters are very useful in winter season or places where it is generally cold. One drawback with water heaters is that it consumes a lot of electricity.

The power consumption in a home with four members of a family can work out to around 6,400 kilowatts per hour per annum. Another disadvantage of using electricity generated by power plants is that along with power for operating a water heater there will be emission of around eight tons of carbon dioxide. This is nearly twice that of what a car would let out through exhaust pipe.

It is from the realization that a waste gas is emitted by conventional electric water heaters, the concept of solar powered water heater has emerged. There are several distinct advantages with solar water heater.

Advantages Of Solar Water Heater

As solar power is generated by conversion of sunlight, a solar water heater does not release carbon dioxide as byproduct. As solar water heater utilizes solar energy and not the electricity generated by fossil fuel, the energy used is a ‘clean energy’.

Another major advantage of using solar water heater is that it contributes to considerable savings in power costs as energy utilized is generated by the solar panels installed at home; with the result there is no need to get power from the grid.

While the charges for the power supplied by the local grid are revised upwards quite often, the solar power generated at home is free of cost. In other words, energy utilized for solar water heater is available for free.

Moreover solar power is a renewable form of energy generated by conversion of sunshine, which can be tapped free in any part of the world. In addition, in many states in the US and in most countries, the governments offer attractive incentives and rebates for using a solar powered water heater.

Governments these days are very strict in implementing environment protection laws and would like as many homes as possible to use eco- friendly water heaters. Solar water heaters are, generally, long-lasting.

Many leading companies manufacturing solar water heaters try to ensure that their branded product is of highest quality, designed by incorporating the latest relevant technology.

As all solar water heaters are not alike in terms of quality, durability and efficiency in performance, it is better to seek the assistance of an experienced distributor not only to select the most appropriate solar powered water heater but also to provide help in properly installing it.

On the whole, a good solar water heater not only reduces energy costs but also ensures that the surroundings are free from harmful carbon dioxide.