Solar Water Heater Plans – Making Your Own Thermal Water Heater

One of the fastest ways to reduce your home energy bills by using the sun’s energy is with a solar water heater. The sun gives out free and unlimited energy that can be used to heat up our water. All you’ll need is a device to expose water to sunlight and it warms up.

It is a perfect home energy solution with zero pollution.

Heating water is much easier than creating electricity with either a Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel or wind turbine. It usually makes more economical sense and takes less time.

Even if you are deciding to put a large scale home solar power system, you should first consider installing a solar water heater. You will be surprised how much it will reduce your home monthly electricity bill.

The ratio of dollars saved on your home power bill to dollars invested is usually much better for the solar water heater than for the complete home solar power generation system.

If you are planning to use a solar thermal water heater at home, you basically have 2 choices.

1) Buy a readymade solar water heater unit.

If you were to do your research on the internet, a dual heat exchanger solar water system complete with a storage tank will cost $1,200.00 and beyond.

The investment is exclude the installation and labor costs.

If you were to compare to a complete home solar power system, the cost for a solar water heater is very small. A solar energy system will require a capital investment of over $30,000.00.

2) Build the solar water system on your own.

If you are good with hand tools, you can save money by making your own home solar water heater. This approach will take a longer time but the end result is the same. You will have hot water heated by free energy from the sun.

DIY Solar Water Heater Plan

To make you own DIY solar water heat, what you’ll need is a good step by step instructional plan. One of the best DIY plans that I’ve seen so far on the internet is by Green DIY Energy.

The guide will show you step by step exactly how to build your own solar thermal hot water system…even if you have no solar experience.

The manual also comes with a 60 Days Money Back guarantee. If you do not see any value in the guide, just return it within 60 days from your purchase date to get a full refund.

For a small investment of only $49.97, the solar water heater plans will help your to save thousands of dollar in electricity bills in the long run.

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