DIY Solar Homes – Engaging The Service Of A Professional Energy Auditor

On my last couple of blog posts, I have been written about the steps you should take before you carry out a DIY solar power project for your home.

Most home owners are not aware how much energy is being wasted every day from their home. By simply fixing these power leaks, you might experienced a drastic reduction in your monthly energy bills. You won’t even need to invest a solar system.

Engaging A Professional Energy Auditor

If you are really serious on making your home more energy efficient, one of the best steps you can take is to employ the service of a professional energy auditor. Some auditors will come to your home to look in your situation in detail and this is the best kind.

Now, when you are getting the service of a professional energy auditor, as a home owner, you should be prudence.

Take his advice with a grain of salt.

Some major inefficiency at home, for example, a faulty heater can be detected quite easily. If you were to take the time to do the audit yourself, I am pretty sure you will find a few major problems that can be fixed with a couple of hundred dollar.

Where can you find a professional energy auditor? You can try:

1) National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) at

2) Use the Yellow Pages and look under energy conservation services and products.

3) Phone book under utilities, electric service or utility providers or gas utility companies.

4) The Home Energy Saver at

Get Your Solar Home Questions Ready

Assuming you have engaged the energy auditor, what should you do before he arrives? Here’s some suggestion:

1) Compile all you home electricity bills for the last 3 years – The further back the better.

2) List down your home occupants habits.

How many kids do you have?

How many people at home during the day?

How often do you do your laundry?

The idea is to list down how power is being used at your home on a daily basis.

3) Note down the thermostat settings at home.

4) List down any questions you have.

If you are to install a DIY solar panel, how would that affect the energy audit results?

What kind of financing available for solar homes?

How would a solar power system affects your home insurance?

The energy auditor has a lot of experience. Try picking his brain for some answers.

If possible, come up with a few more questions before the energy auditor arrives. You are paying for his service. You might as well get the most out of it.

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