Easy Wind Power For Homes Tips – Choosing The DC Motor

If you are searching for easy wind power for homes system that works, one of the best solution is to build it yourself. Building a residential wind turbine is not that difficult. In actual fact, you can get it done with a budget as small as $150.

There are many components that make up the home wind generator system. One of the key parts is the DC motor. In this blog post, I am going to share some information on choosing the right DC motor.

Where To Find Cheap DC Motor

Some people may be wandering where they can get their hands on some cheap DC motor. The first place that I will normally do my research is at Ebay.

There are literally thousands of motor listed in Ebay. What type of motor you should keep an eye on?

Here are a few criteria. Look for a DC motor with:

1) High Direct Current (DC) voltage.

2) High current output.

3) Low Revolution Per Minute (RPM) rating.

Here’s a tip. Look for permanent magnet alternators. Usually, these motors are more expensive, but they are designed for wind turbine use.

Choosing The DC Motor

Here’s a rule of thumb on DC motor you can use when searching on Ebay.

1) Look for a motor that can generate at least 12V at low RPM.

2) If a motor is rated 325 RPM at 30 Volts, when used as a generator, you can expect it to produce 12 volts or more at some reasonably low rev.

If possible, find a DC motor with RPM rating of under 400.

3) The shaft size of the motor should be over 5/8”. The DC motor on a home wind generator goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout its life time.

Therefore, the motor needs adequate bearings or bushings to accommodate the constant spinning and harsh outdoor treatment it will receive.

It took me a couple of minutes of searching in Ebay and I managed to locate 2 offers that meet the criteria.

Easy Wind Generator Plans

If you are looking for a complete DIY home wind generator plans, check out the Power 4 Home manual. The guide can be found on its main web site at www.power4home.com.

Power 4 Home was written by John Russel who is a Home Energy Expert and an electrician. The manual covers both DIY solar panels and residential wind generator. For more information, read the Power 4 home review on this blog.

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