Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Portable Ceramic Room Heater Review

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Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Portable Ceramic Room Heater Review

Winter has already set in and it is really becoming chilly. When I was studying in the States, I lived in St. Pete, Florida and Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini-Tower Ceramic Heater proved more than useful for the extremely cold weather that I experienced over there.

When the outside temperature hovers in the 30’s and even in the 20’s, this space heater is more than a handful and saved my day. My 650 sq. foot student rental apartment is poorly insulated; however, on such cold days it kept my room warm and comfortable and I did not even switch on the central heater.

It runs on a fraction of a cost of central heater and does a far better job. I used the Sunpentown SPT heater primarily in the large room that comprises about 40% of my apartment; however, when I used it in my bedroom, which is 15 x 13 feet and comprises about 25% of my apartment, I found it to be quite comfortable.

Even when I regulated down the temperature after closing the door, this space heater kept my room warm. Though it takes about an hour to heat the entire room, it worked fabulously and I had to switch it off in the middle of the night, since me and my roommate were sweating under the heavy comforter.

In the larger room, too, the heater did an excellent job and kept it warm and comfortable throughout the unbearable cold spell. The temperature back then fluctuate between the low 50’s and high 40’s, this little heater heats up any of my rooms without problem.

The high and low settings are great features of this heater and the high setting draws only 1200W of power as compared to 1500W of power consumed by most space heaters. Being quite small in size, none of its parts heat up too much and you can move it conveniently between rooms.

The automatic shut-off features of the Sunpentown SPT will be very useful for you, if you have little kids or pets in your apartment who can accidently knock it over. The heater is very quiet; it sounds like a small fan and if your room has extraneous noise you are not going to notice even that.

Sometimes during starting up, it might sound a little rough, but within a minute or so it is going to become easy. I had purchased it last winter and till now it has given me admirable service. Sometimes I ran it 24 hours a day continuously for weeks and it never posed a problem; however, I use it carefully and refrain from using it in humid areas like a bathroom.

You should exercise caution while moving the heater from one room to another because it can break if you knock it over or bump it against a hard object. Hold the heater with one hand and turn the on/off knob with the other.

This is required since the knob requires a bit of torque to rotate and if you try to turn the knob without holding it with the other hand; you will twist the whole heater on its base, thereby damaging its oscillating feature. Use it with care and you can derive maximum benefit from this small, relatively inexpensive and easy to store heater.

I bought it through Amazon and as always, found the process as smooth as silk. Though it looked like that the manufacturer’s packaging was opened and then re-taped; however, the interior packaging was intact. It did not matter in the end and I am very pleased with the services of this heater.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and portable room heater, click on the button on the right to purchase the Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 ceramic heater from right now.

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