Brunton Solar Roll Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Are you a rugged person that loves the outdoor? If you are, wouldn’t you want to bring along your personal electronic gadgets with you?

In the modern fast paced world, successful people are always connected either via their cell phone, laptop or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Even when you are out in the wilderness, or climbing a mountain, you want to have a way where anyone can reach you anytime.

Well, maybe not for a cell phone where there’s no coverage. Then again, if you have a satellite phone, people can reach you even if you are at the top of Mount Everest.

The only challenge with all these electronic gadgets is power, or lack of it. You can bring a few backup batteries, but out in the open, it will run out after a couple of days or a week at most.

To meet this energy demand, Brunton has came out with an ingenious idea, a flexible solar panel which can be rolled up and stored in a back pack.

The first time I saw the Brunton solar roll is when I was visiting It caught my attention because it was very unique. I have never seen anything like that before.

I bought the unit and thought of doing a quick review of the Brunton flexible solar module.

Firstly, the power output from the solar module is 14 watt. That amount of power is more than enough to charge a cell phone, laptop, PDA, digital camera, video camera etc. The power output is not too much and not too little, just right for a person on the move.

The module is actually amorphous solar cells which is effective even under low light situation. It is built with Tefzel fluoropolymer which is extremely durable. For added ruggedness, it is also water and UV light proof. No worries when you have to carry it into a rain soak forest or kayaking in a raging river.

There is a feature that I really like. If you need more than 14 watt of power, you can actually link multiple units of the solar module together to generate more power. I wonder if it could power a plasma TV with it…

When you are running or hike in a mountain, the number of stuff in your back pack will be a factor. You want to carry the least weight as possible.

Luckily, the Brunton solar roll weighs only 17 ounces. Size wise, it is 12 inches x 57 inches. But when you roll it up, it only takes up the space of a bottle of water.

The Brunton solar module is selling at $306.68 at Get it now while stock lasts.