Nikola Tesla – The Mad Scientist of the Early 19th Century

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Nikola Tesla – The Mad Scientist of the Early 19th Century

One of my all time favorite scientist of the early 19th century is none other than Nikola Tesla. To tell you the truth, I came to know of the name “Tesla” from playing Command and Conquer. In the game, the designers have included a very cool defensive structure call the Tesla Coil. When an enemy unit gets close to our base, the Tesla Coil will shoot out bolts of electricity and frying the advancing unit. It’s really cool!

At that time, I didn’t know Tesla was a real person until I saw a documentary about him on the Discovery Channel. The documentary was a very interesting showcase highlighting Nikola Tesla’s life, his work and also his inventions.

After watching that show, I was very intrigue by Tesla and started to research about him. I read a few books about him started to become his fan. He is weird, eccentric, a mad scientist and the best of all, he is a genius of his time.

If you’ve watched some of the old black and white movies where the villain is a lunatic scientist planning to destroy the world with his dooms day invention, Nikola Tesla will fit that role perfectly. Instead of creating devices that will kill us all, he invented devices that will make our daily lives more comfortable and productive.

If you were to read about Tesla on Wikipedia, you’ll know his work revolutionized the field of electromagnetism, alternating current (AC) electric power system, polyphase system of power distribution and also the alternating current (AC) motor. Tesla is taught in online science classes along with K-12 courses all the time. His work helped in the Second Industrial Revolution.

Recently, I came to know of a web site call Tesla Secret at that claims there is a conspiracy by the government to suppress the invention by Tesla. Honestly, I didn’t know the government is trying to keep Tesla’s work away from the public.

According to the Tesla Secret book, some of Tesla’s design blueprints and plans on a radiant energy generator was kept locked up in the patent office for more than 90 years! When I first read about it, I was surprised. Is this for real or is the web site a hoax? I am reserving my personal opinion for the time being. Check out the Tesla Secret web site yourself and decide if it is legit or not.

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  1. unknown December 2, 2010 at 7:51 am

    nikola tesla was in high competetion with thomas edison, they competed ageinst each other to find the lightbub first, thomas edison won the race

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