How Solar Panels Work Video

Wandering how solar panels work to generate [tag-tec]renewable energy[/tag-tec] for homes? I found a video on YouTube below that gives a complete walk though of a residential solar power system.

The solar power system starts with the solar panel. This is the heart of the system. For maximum sun exposure, the panels are usually installed on the roof.

For safety reasons, usually the solar panels are wired to a power disconnect box. This is just good practice. It provides you a quick disconnect just in case there’s any problem with the system.

From the disconnect box, the cabling goes to the [tag-tec]charge controller[/tag-tec]. When you are getting a charge controller, be sure to get one with Maximum Power Point Tracking (M.P.P.T).

The M.P.P.T is a high efficiency DC to DC converter which functions as an optimal electrical load for a photovoltaic (PV) cell. A maximum power point trackers utilize some type of control circuit or logic to search for the most optimum way to extract the maximum power available from a solar cell.

Next, you want to use a system monitor on your residential solar power setup. The monitor will give you all the key information such as current voltage, current Amps, battery charge percentage, battery amp hour from full, battery total amp hour etc. All these information is to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Now, the cable from the charge controller will go to the battery bank. The size of the battery bank will depend on your household power requirement.

From the battery bank, the power will go to the inverter. Since electric current from battery is Direct Current (DC), however, most electrical appliances run on Alternate Current (AC), there the inverter is to convert the DC to AC.

From the power inverter, the electricity can now be channeled around your home. In general, that is how you setup a home solar power system.

Home Solar And Wind Power Videos

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